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Black Widow

Advice on routine...

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So i've done a bit of reading on here, and alot of people keep giving the advice of "Google the PTC beginners guide and do it!" - makes me think there is a method behind some peoples madness...


At the gym, i currently do 5 days a week, on a program, that was more just handed to me saying "this should do it" rather than being tailored to me - so it may be useless...each excercise is 4 sets. 1st set: 40-50% of max - 12 reps. 2nd set: 40-50% of max - 10 reps. 3rd set: 80% of max - 8 reps. 4th set: 40% of max: 15 reps

Day 1:


DB Chest Press (Flat)

DB Incline Chest Press

Decline Chest Press

DB Flys (Flat)


Tricep Pulldowns- ROPE

Overhead Tricep Ext

Skull Crushers

Closed grip Olympic bar Press


Day 2:



Lat Pulldowns

Bentover Rows


DB Curls (standing)

Preacher Curls

Seated DB Incline Curls

Hammer Curls


Day 3:


Leg Press

Leg Extensions

Walking Lunge

Lying Leg Curls

Stiff Legged Deadlifts


Day 4:

DB Shoulder Press

DB Lateral Raises

DB Rear Deltoid bentover Laterals

Wide Upright Rows

DB Shrugs


Heavy isolated Bicep Curls cables

Heavy bent bar Tricep Pulldowns

Forearm Curls


Day 5:

Cable Crunch

Cable Reversed Crunch

DB Oblique Crunch


Bosu weighted Crunch


However, after looking at the Beginners program:


Squat 3 x 10

Bench press 3 x 8

Bent row 3 x 8

Military press 3 x 8

SLDL 3 x 8

BB curl 3 x 8


All exercises being the same weight concerns me though? Is this to help gain strength/resistance to current weight so that you can effectively lift heavier?

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exercises are different weights, that's the rep scheme.


It's also a tried and true program, which means nothing if you have a crap diet.


What do you eat/plan to eat?


Tons of tuna, chicken, brocolli, rice, multigrain bread - 6 meals a day give or take. It'll be hardcore. I have a goal to set myself. I have to destroy it

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