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Rolled Cambers

Girls I need your help!

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So me and my girls 2 years is coming up.. in 2 weeks!!!

I haven't organized anything mainly because I am clueless about what to do, where to take her etc.

I thought I'd ask you girls because you know what you like, where to be taken, what's cute, whats not etc.

I know every girl has their own opinion, but I'd like to gather as much info as I can and put something together for her.


She did our one year, and now I have to do the 2 years <_>


Here's some info that might help you, help me.

I can only take her out between 8:30am - 5:00pm (Due to work) So hotels, flower on bed with candles, etc is out of the question.

The only thing that I can think of is lunch at some sort of classy(Ish) restaurant.

We are in VIC so Vic girls, let me know of places to dine, everything will be city based.

I thought of ice skating as well.

Money is no problemo!


So what you girls think?

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I have approved this to be posted in here


Female reply's only

If your a bloke with a serious reply send him a pm and he can suggest it here

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Hmm, thats a tough one! If the weather is nice (it is melbourne so I doubt it haha) you could take her on a picnic in one of the parks? you guys have beaufiful parks in Melbourne!


If you can find a really nice gourmet food place, sometimes they have pre packed stuff you can buy (like meats and cheese ect), grab that and take her out?


What is she into? have you guys been to Healsville sanctuary before? otherwise they have the mansion next door which is really lovely!


OTHERWISE if you get more time free take her out to Anakie to the Fairy Park? Fairy Park


These idea's aren't hugely exciting unfortunately, but perhaps ideas for a few dates?!


You could take her to a renown restaurant such as: The Press Club


Suss out if there is horse riding near any beaches?

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Thanks shmenz!

Yes I think I will be going on a walk on the beach in the morning followed by breakfast in a restaurant (Or other way around )

Then kick it at botanical gardens with a pre packet picnic basket filled with goodies + blanket.. To sit on :lol:

And then...


I'm stuck LOL What else can we do after that? Gold class movie? I've never been so don't laugh if its a shit idea lol.

She's into anything really, nothing girly and nothing boring.. Simple is okay but somewhere between simple and complex is how she is.

No we haven't been to the sanctuary, I thought of it, but it's too far a drive for us, we want it to be in the city.

Hah yeah you gave me ideas for future dates, I looked at the fairy park and.. It's interesting :huh:


Thanks a lot! ^_^

Keep em coming, I probably need 2 more ideas, I'm on google but all it says are movies, bowling, restaurant.. etc. Gay american dates. :lol:

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LOL yeah the fairy park is interesting haha, I went a few years back with the family but it was really cute!


with the picnic you could do the stereotypical horse and carriage ride too if you really wanted too, it is actually

really nice.


You could do the zoo, museum, shopping ect ect? All pretty simple things, lol.


I have my 2 year wedding anniversary coming up and my husband was talking about it last night, he NEVER talks about

that stuff! Not sure what we'll do as I think there is a drift comp a few days before or after.


For our 5 years of dating anniversary (I like to have the two anniversaries, he doesnt, typical male!) we actually

bought a whole heap of fresh seafood and cooked it all up at home, was simple but so good.

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Haha nice!

Yeah horse + carriage seems cute too.

Screw the zoo, I hate it haha!


Yeah I told her, we should just kick it at mine, I'll cook some nice food while you kick back.. Then you do the dishes

She didn't agree

I also suggested staying at home and playing COD or GT5 all day.. Didn't respond back :lol:


I think, I'll just cruise it on the day, and make it up as I go, I will go botanical gardens with some cooked food for a picnic depending on the weather.

After/before that, it's google on my iPhone to take us to magical places.

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Take her air ball ballooning in the mOrning then go for some breakfast than u figure out the rest


You missed the line where i said, "I can only take her out between 8:30am - 5:00pm"

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