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With all the fl3x pix being posted lately i thought this quick article by Wendler would be useful and relevant for some.




How to Avoid Being Raped : Male on Male Rape Prevention by Jim Wendler - 06/16/2011

A how-to guide to keeping the predators at bay.


During an academic conversation with my friend Matt Vincent, the issue of being strong and awesome came up as a topic, as it always does. Matt shares a lot of the same ideas about training, life and our love of our big Bear friend, Jason Pegg. Two topics were of note. The first was how to avoid being raped and the second was how to train if we knew the apocalypse was coming. This spill is on the former.


First, you gotta have some strength in the legs and hips . This is paramount when you initially have to take an athletic stance to not be thrown down. Keep the legs strong and bent and in an athletic position. You need to learn to brace yourself against the agitator. Solution: Squats and Deadlifts


Second, you need to combine this lower body work with strong shoulders and lats. This will allow you to engage and toss the foe once your base has been set . Solution: Pressing, chins, and rows.


Third, you must have good grip and arm strength. Grabbing cloth, arm or a throat to dissuade the penetration is a good way of warding off the attack. Solution: high rep DB rows, curls, towel/rope chins.


Fourth, you need to have a strong core to maintain balance during the struggle. Solution: Deadlifts, good mornings, back raises, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and the ab wheel.


Fifth, you need some footwork to shuffle and move quick to avoid anal assault. Solution: Jumping Rope


Finally, you need to be in some kind of decent shape - this is not a marathon fight (few are, no fights are 3 rounds like the UFC fighters engage in). I recommend short bursts of physical activity. Solution: Prowler and hill sprints.


In addition, Matt pointed out to me that while a smaller man may be more agile, a bigger, stronger man is always harder to contend with. So don’t be “that” guy that wants to be “all show and no go” – you are only doing your and your manhood a disservice.


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