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There are a few threads recommending a movie and such, but not a general 'review' thread.


This is for recently watched movies you think is worth a review and something others may like.




- Don't go through you're movie collection reviewing everything you love. Only movies you've recently watched.

- They must be movies you've actually watched.

- Try not to double up and review a movie already listed.

- Provide enough information about it (wiki or imdb link, cover art/promotion image.)




I have now created a Facebook page. Feel free to Like it so you can receive updates if you miss them on here.




Starting off, I've recently watched the following.



Sin Nombre



Was recommended as a good gang movie. This follows a week in the life of a gang member of the MS13. Depicts initiations, killing of rival gang members, attempts to leave the gang, and interactions with civilians trying to immigrate illegally to America. It's almost like a documentary. Highly recommend this movie, it told a good story.








Finally got around to seeing the original movie from 1982. The movie is highly technical referring to programming and computer architecture terms. Even though I'm a programmer and understood all this, the story was quite random and seems complicated for complication sake. Doesn't really stand the test of time. The story is about a master computer program taking over the digital world and a programmer getting sucked into the system who must defeat the program and escape.



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Had a bit of an 80's action weekend.



Red Dawn



Had this downloaded for a while and couldn't really be bothered watching it knowing it was going to be a 2 hour marathon. This is a 1982 movie closely following the cold war with Russia. The movie starts quickly and you're put right into the action. The movie depicts Russia combined with Cuba invading America when they were at their weakest losing support from their allied countries. The story follows a bunch of teenagers who escaped the massacre of the town people and living in the mountains trying to survive. It's probably a little bit past our time, but it was a great movie with a young Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen. Was refreshing from the generic war movies around and I recommend it. Red Dawn 2011 is to be released later this year and instead of Russia and Cuba, it's China and North Korea invading America.





RoboCop & RoboCop 2




This is one of those movies I never got around to seeing as a kid. The concept of a part human/part machine cop is pretty cool, but the special effects were horrible lol. I found it funny that Robocop couldn't get in and out of cars with his bulky outfit, so they showed him already partially out and only getting his leg out of the car. Like any new style of movie, the concept is intriguing, but the sequel is much of the same. Was ok, I would only recommend the first movie.





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yeah robocop NOW would be pretty dated ay, but i remember watching it as a 6 year old and that shit blew my mind! robot going around blowing shit up, then he versed a bigger robot, had jet pack bigger guns, shit was epiccc!


Ive recently watch I am number 4, was alright kinda slow at the begining, hot girls, and some action towards the end, a decent watch.





Also watched all the Oceans movies 11-13, highly recomend! Funny and smart with an all star cast, cant go wrong if you like casino, heist, robbery movies.



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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark



This was a cult film I've been meaning to see. It's very dated. Basically a couple inherit a haunted house. However instead of ghosts, it's haunted by midgets lol. A remake is being released later this year.





Three O'Clock High



Such a classic from the 80's. It follows a day in the life of a geeky student assigned to interview a newly transferred student with a history of violence. Anyway a fight is scheduled for 3 O'clock. No matter how the geeky student tries to get out of it, he just digs a bigger hole for himself. The movie is so campy and funny. Highly recommend if you're a fan of 80's comedies.



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Had a bit of a classic horror/thriller weekend.



A Clockwork Orange



Can't believe I hadn't seen this until now. Wasn't at all what I was expecting (a gang/horror type movie). It follows the life of Alex through 3 phases of his adolescence; life as a hooligan, incarceration and rehabilitation via controversial treatment. Alex the lead plays such a great role and Heath Ledger said it inspired him to play the Joker in The Dark Knight.





Thriller – A Cruel Picture



Another rape-and-revenge movie much like I Spit On Your Grave. This was on my list of disturbing movies to see. It's a 70's Swedish movie, so it can be classed as D-grade at best. It's about a girl having the worst luck ever. She's raped as a child and put in a foster home, then once grown up is abducted and turned into a heroin addict and then forced to work as a prostitute to get her heroin fix. It doesn't end there, the girl has one eye cut out for not servicing a client and her pimp fakes a letter to her foster parents that she ran away because they are horrible people, which then cause them to commit suicide. So yeah, it's that old chestnut of a story lol. She then takes revenge, etc. This movie inspired Quentin Tarantino to write Kill Bill.








The girlfriend bought this (as she's into the superhero genre). I was thinking great, another kids superhero movie with a few random sexual innuendos to appeal to adults as well. It was anything but. It's definitely a mature movie with a fair bit of gore you wouldn't see in regular superhero movies. It was worth the watch.



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Escape from New York



1981's view of a 1997 dystopian future. Set after WW3, crime is so great, that the Manhattan island of NY is turned into a giant prison island. The prison isn't run by anyone, so the whole island is chaos. The president's plane is hi-jacked and crashed into the island, resulting in a rescue mission.

The whole prison island concept is a cool idea, but the movie didn't really go where it could have. You see barely any criminals, and the ones you do are quite tame and cooperative with each other.





The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters



One of the best documentaries of all time. I can't really say much about this without ruining it, but this film uncovers and explores the controversial and very serious side of competitive arcade gaming. This is a must watch!





Kill Bill: Vol. 1



This is one of those movies I just never got around to seeing when it was out. It did get quite big back in 2003 so I was expecting to be entertained. Maybe it's not my style of movie or maybe Quentin Tarantino is over rated, but this movie felt quite bland. It's as if the movie was chopped up and told in bits and pieces for the sake of making the audience think this movie is complex. It was a big letdown.



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Had a bit of ironing to do this week, so got through a few more movies.



Easy A



Although this comes across as another Superbad/Juno/Pineapple Express, etc stoner comedy, I was assured this wasn't and was actually pretty good. I think everyone knows the premise of the main character pretending to have sex with geeks in return for gift vouchers. But this was just as campy as the movies I just mentioned. The main character talks in that sing songy, semi broken English 'like yeah.. and.. stuff, and I am.. so.. random' which annoys the crap out of me. If you like Superbad you will like this.








I only found out about this movie after researching Darren Aronofsky, who has written and directed movies such as Requiem For A Dream and Black Swan. This is his first production movie and I didn't have a clue what it was about. To say this movie is raw and under-produced is an understatement. Seriously it's as if there was no budget, the movie is shot completely in grainy black and white, and in that respect it's quite a difficult film to watch. However it tells an intriguing story and you can see where the filming style for Requiem For A Dream came from. It's kind of a cool movie and worth the watch.








I have no idea how this got on my list of movies to watch as it's a 1990's drama film starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. It's a period film set in 1969 where the main character works in a mental institution for catatonic patients. He trys experimental treatment on the patients which everyone else has given up on. Then one man awakens and you see him come to grips that he's basically been asleep in this coma like state for 30 years. He experiences all the innovations of the time and falls in love with a girl visiting her father in the institution. Then the treatment starts to wear off and he begins to return to his coma like state. It's a sad but good movie.



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Saw a few new releases.



Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides



Pirate movies are a genre I have absolutely no interest in. I couldn't care less about 1800's or whenever it's meant to be set, but unfortunately this hasn't prevented me from seeing every single damn Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I don't know how I end up seeing them or what each of them were about, they all seem to merge into the same 'everyone is serious yet Johnny Depp is the comic relief' story. I guess visually it's quite good and if you're into shiny things like a magpie you will be entertained.





Super 8



The trailers for this movie are very vague, as I was assuming it had to be without giving away the plot. This is basically ET on steroids, woops, I gave too much away. The movie was a bit meh, probably worth seeing if you got nothing else to do, but nothing fantastic. It's very Steven Spielberg if you're a fan of his movies.





Kill Bill: Vol. 2



Got around to seeing part 2 and it's like a completely different movie. The first one was just mindless violence with barely any story line (don't get me wrong, I like mindless violence). But part 2 had actual dialogue. It's still not a great movie in my opinion, but if you're going to watch the Kill Bill series, just go straight to part 2.








Somehow this documentary made it onto my to-watch list, but it was so long ago I had forgotten anything I heard about it. Basically it follows the rise and fall of aspiring movie director and musician Troy Duffy. It's a harsh inside look at the Hollywood film industry. The film starts off slow but really gets you in. Probably would have appreciated it more if I was into directing/filming etc.



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It's been a bit slack with movies of late. However I do have a list of apparently disturbing documentaries to watch.



The Bridge



This is kind of a weird off-the-wall documentary regarding the Golden Gate Bridge. The director convinced the council in letting him set up cameras around the bridge for observation purposes. Unknowingly, he was documenting people committing suicide from the bridge. On average 25 people die this way a year, and 23 of these jumps were caught on film. The documentary looks into the life of a select few who jumped, trying to find out what lead up to it. This has such a confusing impact on you. It's a great piece of film making, but you're watching people die.





The Hammer



This was a movie of great anticipation for me. It's written by and stars Adam Carolla, comedian and TV personality. It's a semi-biographical story of a down-on-his-luck carpenter/boxing instructor attempting to make it big with a bit of good fortune. As a regular listener of the Adam Carolla podcast, I knew this movie was going to be bare on plot and high on jokes. However it was the other way around in a serious attempt at film making. Was a bit of a disappointment due to the lack of jokes, and I had to purchase this movie from the US with a 3 week delivery time.



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I got a chance to see some cult classic/freaky surreal dream movies.



El Topo



This is quite an odd story of a lone cowboy character in a Quentin Tarantino style movie. The first part of the movie has weird dream sequences and a quest to become the best gun-man in some type of dystopian alternative reality. The last 3rd of the movie is about redemption. Hard for me to recommend such an awkward movie to watch; but I guess that's the point of cult movies.








Set in a world of industrial and urban decay, this tells the story of the main character finding out his estranged girlfriend has given birth prematurely to their baby he was unaware of. That's about as much as you will understand with this movie. The rest is a combination of dreams and weird visions. Apparently back when this was released (1977); the part where the girlfriend is feeding her new born non human baby was one of the most disturbing scenes in a movie. Again this is a difficult movie to watch due to it being so disjointed.





Also saw a few under rated comedies which went under the radar.



Cedar Rapids



Almost like a poor man's 'The Hangover', this follows a semi-crazed weekend with a bunch of insurance salesman at an annual convention. This movie had continually popped up on movie lists; however I think it's a bit over rated. It has a Hollywood cast, but the movie was a bit slow on story and jokes.





Windy City Heat



This movie took me by surprise. Firstly, a little about how I actually found this movie. I regularly listen to the Adam Carolla podcast, which is a 90min radio type show talking about anything and everything with Adam Carolla's humour thrown into the mix. Every so often during the podcast I would hear an ad for another podcast on the ACE network for something called the Big 3, which was a bunch of dudes working each other up into an abusive shouting frenzy. I eventually listened to a show and found out it was an extension of Windy City Heat a few years later. Basically the show consists of 2 comedians and their friend (Perry) who is a bit slow mentally. It's a combination of ego stroking and then humiliating Perry who goes off at the drop of a hat. The chemistry is hilarious.


The movie follows this formula, and is basically a giant practical joke. The premise of the movie is that Perry thinks he finally caught a break in show business as he's selected to play the lead role of a blockbuster Hollywood movie. However the entire movie is a series embarrassing situations for Perry, yet he looks past this as unfortunate coincidences. It took me a while to realise what was going on at first, but it's pure comedic gold. I can't recommend this movie enough. One of the funniest movies I've seen in years.



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Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera



This tackles the urban myth of snuff films and tries to define the term. Anything called a snuff film is basically fake and is for the sake of advertising in such films as Cannibal Holocaust. There's debate whether footage of people dying and then sold is actually snuff, such as the film Bowling For Columbine. There are a few stories of people convicted of producing snuff films. It was a really interesting watch.








Another one of those under rated comedies which went under the radar. After the film was made, it was given a restricted release in the US due to the satirical nature towards big companies. These days it's pretty easy to find on DVD and worth the watch. The premise of the movie is that 500 years in the future the human race has become dumb and retarded from all the poor uneducated people having children at will and the smart people waiting and planning their kids. So after 500 years all the smart people have been bred out of society and an average guy from the current year wakes up in this dystopian future. Good solid funny movie.





Scott Pilgrim vs. the World



Bit cult movie from last year which kept coming up on lists to watch. If you're a hipster, drink lattes and don't use technologies unless it starts with a lower case 'i', this movie is for you. However it's intended to be that way in a satirical way. It stars Michael Cera doing his thing similar to Superbad. The movie is very Hollywood and over-produced, but it's cool none the less.



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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father



This film was a suggestion as a disturbing documentary worth watching. The film starts off very disjointed and takes a while until you can figure out the premise. Without ruining the story, the documentary explains the murder of Andrew Bagby. The film maker is a childhood friend trying to record the memories as a tribute to Andrew's son born after his death. The story takes some really harsh turns which you don't see coming. This is a really hard hitting documentary definitely worth the watch. I'd assume someone with kids themself would find this quite disturbing.





Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0)



This was a movie I had on in the background which I wasn't really paying attention to. I was like 'meh, not another Die Hard'. From not paying attention, it really got me in and was surprisingly not bad. It's probably just as good as the first. Apparently there's a number 5 coming out in the next year or so. Good watch if you're a fan of the series.





City of God



Another Brazilian gang movie that has been on my to-watch list for a while. As it's sub titled, the characters and names to get a bit confusing to follow. But none the less it's a good look at the gang culture within the slums of Brazil. Based on a true story and using real people as the actors, the film depicts the rise and fall of a few gang members from childhood to their pending death. The message the film tries to get across is the endless cycle of gang mentality and that no one wins.





South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut



I have actually seen this before, but it would have been around its release in 1999, so I had no memory of it. As a huge South Park fan, I was curious to see the quality and storytelling gap been the raw South Park and the South Park of today. I had totally forgot about all the singing and swearing which used to go on. This movie holds a bunch of records for the most amount of swearing and violence in an animated film. Surprisingly it holds a 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.



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Come and See



I obtained this movie 6 months ago when I was on the hunt for disturbing movies. I've been avoiding it as I'm not really a fan of war movies, and this was going to be a 2 and a half hour saga with subtitles. As it's a 1985 Russian movie, the quality was pretty poor, which ended up adding to the realism. I was expecting a really gory movie seeing it had been described as disturbing. It was anything but; the most graphic scene in the movie is seeing a poorly constructed fake foot on the ground. The story follows a young boy wanting to fight in the Cold War. The film is set in the 60's in the middle of the Nazi invasion and slaughter of entire town populations. I don't want to give too much away with the story, as I highly recommend this movie. It's really raw and somewhat artistic, almost like war photography coming to life. The movie exposed a part of history I was too young to see and experience. I found myself thinking about this movie days after watching it.





Captain America: The First Avenger



This movie coincidentally is also set around the 60's depicting the Nazi regime. Talk about polar opposites, compared to Come and See, this was almost cartoony and laughable. Like I've said, I've never been a fan of super hero movies, and this by far is one of the worst. What type of super power is to be slightly more athletic than the average man and has a shield as a weapon. It's funny that the video game got such a horrible review because the character doesn't have a gun. Shockingly this movie received 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. I was also disappointed there was no reference to Randy Couture.








A Matrix like movie from 2002 starring Christian Bale. It had all the ingredients to be a great movie. Set in the future after WW3, the human population is giving a daily dose of a drug to repress feelings and emotion (I know; every dudes dream). People are executed at will and there's a resistance fighting the totalitarian government. However the movie just fell flat. I don't know if it was the editing, but the movie was patchy with good action scenes, then tedious dialogue. The movie has received a bit of a cult following. If you liked movies like Aeon Flux, you'll like this.








Prior to seeing this I had heard this was a chick flick that guys could enjoy, so I had a low expectation of something decent. And in some ways it's true, it's not your typical chick movie, but there are those cheesy scenes where you can't help but roll your eyes. There are a few laugh out loud moments, but like most Hollywood movies, about 3/4 the way through, it turns all preachy and screws up the ending. If your partner wants you to go see this with her, it's not too bad.





The Cove



This is a documentary about the dolphin trade in Japan and how it began due to the popularity of Flipper and theme parks. This isn't your usual documentary though; you sit in the passenger seat while activists try to expose Taiji (Japan) who are fiercely hiding something. Now I'm anything from an activist. I'm one of those people who call them hippies, but the people in this movie really are fighting a good cause. The film makers infiltrate a secret cove using an Oceans 11 type heist with infra red cameras and deep see divers. The film makers risk 30 day imprisonment and torture just to get a camera into this secret cove to expose what's going on. Below is an image of what they find; slaughtered dolphins by the thousand, which turns the sea literally red.

I don't really have a certain type of genre of movie I like to watch. I watch anything which tells a story and makes you feel emotions. By the end of this film I had so much hatred for these dolphin fishermen. This is a documentary everyone should watch.





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Rewatched The illusionist, pitch black, chronicals of riddick, and saw captain america for the first time today.


all good movies, however the first 3 are films i seem to be able to re-watch over and over.

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I've watchewd Rise of the Planet of the Apes, very good movie. A lot of cute moments so the mrs is bound to love it and there were some ape action too.



Well overall and imbd agrees too I would give it a 8.5 :P

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Yeah I heard Rise of the Planet of the Apes is alright. Does it tie in with the first one or the original?


Riddick/Pitch Black are really under rated movies.

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Another documentary, yes I'm a fan of them. This follows a family who instead of living a conventional life of settling down, raising kids and sending them to school; they live in a camper van and travel around America surfing. You don't know what to think; in one aspect the parents are giving their children an upbringing they love as it involves no school, but you also know this lifestyle can't be healthy and is somewhat selfish. It's fascinating to see how the family of 9 can live and survive in a camper van and be so happy. It's like a reality you wish could be a part of due to the freedom, but wouldn't at the same time. It's a good watch and has a 'feel good' ending.





The Wrestler



Missed this when it came out because I was so saturated as a kid with wrestling, I didn't need to see another wrestling movie like Beyond The Mat. However once finding out it was a Darren Aronofsky movie, I put it on my list to check out. I was blown away; it was nothing like my preconception of this movie. It's essentially about wrestling, but that's not the drive of the movie. It follows a wrestler from the 80's whose life didn't turn out as planned and is still milking his wrestling persona well into his should-be retirement. He's soon faced with retirement due to medical issues and you really feel his pain transitioning from a somewhat celebrity to a nobody with an estranged daughter. If you're hoping for another Requiem For A Dream, you're not going to get it, but it's a well made movie.



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Who remembers Itchy & Scratchy Land from one of The Simpsons episodes? Where the theme park turns against the patrons and tries to kill them. Well that was based off the movie Westworld. The story is very similar; people holiday at a western themed theme park set in the (not too distant) future where robots are extremely life like and serve humans. The patrons can go around killing the robots, have sex with them and live out their Wild West fantasy for only $1000 a day. You can see where this is going; the robots eventually turn on the guests. This is a 1973 movie so the technology was limited, but it's really well made and a compelling movie. Even though it went for 1.5 hours, I wanted to see more. I did find out they made a sequel called Futureworld, but like most follow up movies, it bombed.











A French horror-comedy (yes, that is a genre) about a murderous tyre who makes peoples' heads explode. I'm not sure if this film is a B-grade horror movie, or something much worst, a pretentious hipster movie. You're watching an audience watch the movie where a character jumps between plot lines. I think this is one of those movies you either love or hate. Worth a watch if you're sick of Hollywood mush.



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It's been a while since I've been able to watch any movies, but got around to seeing a good mix of genres.



Dark City



All I knew about this movie was that it's similar to the matrix. It was actually nothing like it. The movie starts out as a crime drama where the characters are looking for a killer. The first half of the movie is rather slow and confusing, but then takes a massive change in direction towards a sci-fi plot. This is a very unique movie which took me by surprise. If you like the sci-fi/crime drama genre (if it exists), you'll like it.





Toy Story 3



I finally got around to watching this after avoiding the bandwagon for so long. Like most Pixar movies, you know you're going to see a quality film and well thought out plot. I remember hearing that the end of the movie was emotional, so was prepared for a pretty significant ending. The movie got to the trash yard bit where the toys are about to be incinerated; and I was thinking 'hey this ending is quite full on, no wonder people were sad about it'. Then out of nowhere they get saved and yada yada. I was so disappointed.





These next 2 movies are less about the actual movie plots and more about the actors' performances.



Made in Britain



This is like a poor man's A Clockwork Orange where you follow a juvenile delinquent as his life is about to take a significant turn. Trevor is the typical English hooligan (as seen with the recent riots) who has no respect for authority. The plot is rather thin, but an excellent performance by Tim Roth. If you like crime type shows you'll enjoy this.








Anderson Cowan (movie expert who I get a lot of suggestions from) hasn't stopped raving about this movie, so I finally got around to watching it. It's a unique movie shot in real-time within a hotel room. This film defines limited story telling at its best. Starring only 3 actors including Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman; the film starts rather slow and you can't help but be disappointed that the actors are still in this little hotel room chatting after 20 mins. It soon gets to the point where you're hooked and can't turn away. I've never been in such suspense from simple dialog between 3 actors. The film is like an independent film lucky enough to get big actors. It really shows you the power of great actors. It's a great movie to watch if you're sick of all the Hollywood mush.



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Sugar & Spice



Back in 2001, this movie slipped under the radar. It's a combination of Bring It On, and Not Another Teen Movie. I know both those movies were horrible, but this film is kind of making a mockery of itself with quite a few funny and smart moments. The film revolves around a high school couple who get pregnant and decide to rob a bank to fund their new family. If you like campy movies like American Pie, you'll like it.





Four Lions



This is one of those movies that takes you by surprise and you think about for days later. The movie tells the story of a group of British Muslims planning a suicide attack, yet the film is a comedy. You're seeing the movie told from the perspective of the terrorists. The thing is, the 'terrorists' are just everyday people, who don't really understand what they're doing or why. The film follows the failed attempts at making bombs, but in classic English-comedy style. The film is a black comedy however you start to really like these guys, and then people start dying. The film really pulls you in two different directions; you know what these guys are doing is incredibly wrong, but they are also friendly loveable guys who you don't want to see get hurt.

It's interesting that they began writing the script before the 7/7 London attacks, yet it's nearly a mirror image of what happened.





Exporting Raymond



This documentary follows Philip Rosenthal (co-creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) trying to sell the TV sitcom to the Russians. Previously buying such sitcoms as The Nanny and Married With Children which became huge successes, they plan to do the same with Raymond. However it soon becomes apparent that the Russian lifestyle conflicts with this style of comedy and no one gets it. Phil has to fight every casting session, script write and network decision with the Russians clueless of what he's trying to achieve. It's an interesting look at cultures which don't understand comedy like most of the western world. It's as if their mindsets are 50's delayed thinking basic over-the-top gag sketches are the height of comedy. Interesting watch if you're into film.



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The Moon



Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems.


In the beginning of the movie i wasn't sure about their choice of actor Sam Rockwell but over time developed a rapport with the character and i definitely think using a lessor know actor paid off.


Posted it mainly because i hadnt really heard of it before. imd says it really only broke even - i think it would have benefited from more advertising. Be warned though it is a bit slow moving at times



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A (horror) documentary about a Staten Island (New York) mental institute for children. It's really quite creepy, but back in the 1940's, Staten Island had not yet become populated and was used to dump the trash of the city of New York. Unfortunately mentally challenged children were also dumped into an institute there that was poorly maintained. Eventually the institute was closed down, yet homeless people still lived in the remains of this institute out of a horror movie. Then children of nearby towns started disappearing. The documentary follows the trials which proceed.








From 1986 starring names such as Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe and Johnny Depp; most people have probably seen this movie based on the Vietnam War. Not a fan of war movies, but this movie kept receiving #1 on a lot of top-war-movie lists. The movie is a semi-biographical tale of the director, Oliver Stone's experiences in Vietnam. The film follows a group of soldiers on various missions over the course of a few weeks. The point of the movie is the civil conflict between the US army and what's wrong and right is blurred. I have a new found respect for the acting ability of Willem Dafoe, he was excellent in this. The movie is pretty hard hitting, but excellent story telling. It's a shame this style of movie making doesn't exist anymore. Today it's all about explosions and wrapping the story up in a cute little ending.





The Omega Man



The original movie to I Am Legend. All the way back to 1971, it was one of the first zombie themed movies. The story is pretty much identical to the Will Smith movie, but includes a hot black chick lol. The visual effects are terrible, but the story is pretty decent and would have been ground breaking back in the 70's. You'll like this if you were a fan of I Am Legend.



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Great list so far i will add some of those to my list and attempt to do some reviews of my own, keep it up :)

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Yeah I heard Rise of the Planet of the Apes is alright. Does it tie in with the first one or the original?


Riddick/Pitch Black are really under rated movies.


Sorry for the VERY late reply. It doesn't, I suspect a sequel for it... but may be wrong. It basically mentions how the apes got their intelligence and what led to their freedom. Its quite heart warming.

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This has to be one of my favourite movies that i've watched in a long time. Check the trailer for more info, I don't like to spoil plots and give all the details although the trailer does give alot away.


Amazing acting from Michael Caine, good to see him out of his 'typical' role, really proves he is a skillful actor, this movie is one I think I'll add to a long list of movies that I can re-watch every 6 months or so and still enjoy.

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Dark City



All I knew about this movie was that it's similar to the matrix. It was actually nothing like it. The movie starts out as a crime drama where the characters are looking for a killer. The first half of the movie is rather slow and confusing, but then takes a massive change in direction towards a sci-fi plot. This is a very unique movie which took me by surprise. If you like the sci-fi/crime drama genre (if it exists), you'll like it.





+9000 Its a movie so few have heard of but I definatly rate this very high aswell. Well worth your time.

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Sorry for the VERY late reply. It doesn't, I suspect a sequel for it... but may be wrong. It basically mentions how the apes got their intelligence and what led to their freedom. Its quite heart warming.

I actually did a bit of research into the Planet of The Apes series.


Planet of the Apes


The first movie is much like the 2001 remake. Humans crash land on a planet with highly intelligent apes. The ending was slightly different as it was made clear that the planet they landed on was Earth in the future.




Beneath the Planet of the Apes


It continues from the first movie and another space ship lands on the planet. They discover an underground city of mutant humans. The ending involves a nuclear bomb wiping out the entire planet.




Escape from the Planet of the Apes


This movie is based around some of the apes escaping the planet before the nuclear bomb and they travel back in time to 1973. They get placed in a zoo and start breeding new intelligent apes. The movie ends with the humans thinking they have wiped out the smart apes. The story kind of explains how the Earth became populated with intelligent apes. Yet it is sort of a circular explanation.




Conquest of the Planet of the Apes


A virus has killed all cats and dogs on Earth, so the humans have decided to keep apes as pets. The intelligent apes eventually breed and increase in number. This incites a rising up against humans.




Battle for the Planet of the Apes


This movie continues on from the previous about humans and apes co-existing. Part of it is 600 years in the future where apparently both species are civil with each other.





I haven't seen Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes yet, but from what I've read, it looks like a combination of the ending of Escape and parts of Conquest.

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A classic I finally got around to seeing. It was the directing debut of Steven Spielberg, who went on to direct Jaws afterwards. It's a story of a trucker harassing a motorist, playing cat and mouse, and trying to run him off the road. It's very 70's, but a great simple thriller.





Got around to re-watching a whole bunch of sequels I haven’t seen ranging from 6-8 years ago.



Dawn of the Dead



I know remakes are usually horrible, and don't get me know, nothing is going to compare to the original, but this movie definitely innovated the zombie genre in a good way. The original was such a ground breaking film due to the relatively unknown concept of zombies, and how you could relate to the end-of-the-world situation the characters were in. The remake has focused less on character development, but the zombies have transformed from mindless shuffling corpses, to predatory animals. I've never been a fan of Resident Evil and other zombie movies as they are way too scientific and preachy. The 'Dead' series is just simple and great.





Land of the Dead



Not a direct follow on from the previous movie, but set in the future where humans have turned a city surrounded by water into a sanctuary from zombies. The zombies have again evolved with the ability to think (minimally). The movie centres on the internal conflict of control of the city. It was a bit too heavy on dialogue for my liking in a zombie movie, but a worthy addition to the 'Dead' series.





Researching these movies, I found that there were 2 additional movies that succeeded the 2 above. However they went straight to DVD, so I'm assuming they were nothing great. Diary is about a group of people filming a documentary when the outbreak occurs. Survival sounds like a reboot of Land Of The Dead where people are just trying to survival after the zombies have been around for a while.


Diary of the Dead



Survival of the Dead


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To continue the squeals.



Pitch Black



I know this was mentioned briefly previously, but I got a chance to re-watch it as I hadn't seen it since 2004. This was the break-out roll for Vin Diesel in 2000, setting him up for The Fast And The Furious. This is a sci-fi movie, but without all the nerdy hierarchy and uniforms. All that you know is a space ship has crashed landed on an unfamiliar planet, there's a murder on board, and when the sun sets, nocturnal animals will be coming to kill people. It's a low budget movie, but a great basic story with a lot of action. Bit of a sleeper hit and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.





The Chronicles of Riddick



The direct sequel to Pitch Black. The movie shows the survivors back on their home planet when a race from another planet attacks and tries to convert or kill everyone. It's a bit weird that this movie is so in depth with stories and settings where the original was so basic. It did receive a $100m budget though riding from the success of the previous film and Vin Diesel's popularity with The Fast And The Furious. Personally I thought the movie was great. It wasn't preachy like many sci-fi movies, and it takes so many unexpected turns you're never bored. It only received 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and was a box office bomb, only reclaiming back the 100 mil after it was released worldwide and including DVD sales. I don't understand why. Maybe people were so hyped up about Vin racing cars, everything else wasn't worth watching.

It looks like they will be making a 3rd movie soon and it will be titled Riddick.



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old school movie ive just rewatched - Kpax. truely under rated movie IMHO.


its good :)

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