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Ok Does anyone really tune a car well in darwin????

RB25 With Power FC

currently tuned on dyno with knock of about 10 but on the road knock reads over 100.

My people down south tell me get it tuned by the best (they need knock muffs)

Will pay cash no problems But want a top job. It cant be tuned in 45 mins and charge me over $500 thats not good work

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dave is a awsome tuner ive had heaps of mates that would recomend him anyday i havnt herd of anyone ever having poblems with him n when i get my new injecors he will b the man ill c.

he is honest he'll tell you is somthns not right



or you could try j s mechanical


jasons pretty good i get most of my mechanical work done buy him but im unsure of what his tunings like though



hope this helps

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