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Speedinc training log

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hi all,


Thought id make a training log on here to keep track of what I'm doing and hopefully get some advise from everyone.


I started training early December last year. Started out in November running every morning, but didn't start weight training until December.

Just started out in a mates home gym, then moved to a real gym and got myself a training partner.


Unfortunately my training partner has left to become a cop, so im training by myself. Thats why I started this, to make sure Im not slacking off lol.


Not sure what needs to be said here, so I'll just write what I did today.




12 x bar

8 x 60kg

6 x 80kg

6 x 100 kg

4 x 100kg


Calf raises


4 x 12 40kg


Leg press seated (sitting straight up with foot plate in front, connected to cable. I do leg presses on this and then use it to calf raise in between each calf set)


4 x 12 - 139kg



Sumo Dead Lifts


10 x 80kg

8 x 100kg

8 x 100kg

4 x 120kg

2 x 140kg



Then lots of wood choppers and core work out.


Tomorrow is chest day.

Will update again.

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Chest day today.

I have some problems with my rotator cuff at the moment. And have just started to get some terrible elbow pains, so I couldn't go as heavy as I would have liked.


Incline dumbels


10 x 27.5kg

10 x 30kg

10 x 32.5kg


Flat dumbel


20 x bar - warm up

10 x 30kg

10 x 32.5kg

8 x 32.5kg


Chest fly machine


Did 4 sets on a good weight. Not sure what it was but felt good.


Decline cable press


4 sets on good weight , unsure what it was.



I usually do biceps on chest day, but my elbows were killing me so I did a heavy calf work out then did lots of core/abs/lower back workouts.




Shoulder + traps tomorrow

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