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Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

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shit what the manifold worth?


I think it was 1200ish? you get to choose the colour and stuff as well.


I was wondering this morning when updates would happen.

How many cars are there at the moment? 4? You need to update your thread tags for forgetful people tongue.png


Yeah 4 cars at the moment, pretty happy at the moment not feeling the needs for any others like i used to. Unless it was 100 mk2. Really lazy with build threads these days. They sort of became depressing once the sr let go.

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I wish I had amazing updates. But nah.


I think we fixed the issues we had been having with this s13. Replaced the loom with a new one from wiring specialties and the car starts now but shuts off after a few seconds. It starts straight away and idles smoothly. Compared to before where it struggled to start, had a horrible miss and would just backfire and die. Went from HKS fuel rail/ 800cc sard to stock and nismo 740cc. Taking it to a tuner to have a look tomorrow.





Also got arc coilpack cover for some paperweight bling



Ordered the XM catalogue for the cressida which we're in the middle of installing now. Cressida is getting diff welded, wired, new clutch installed next week and then will be ready to be tuned. No pictures of this car yet. Will post some once the panasports are on.




GS is booked in to get the turbo engine and manual conversion installed come October. I can't remember if I posted in here one of the bbs cracked after running over a decent sized pot hole. The council have paid for a new set of bbs which are waiting to be painted metallic silver.



(engine for gs on the right) Jzx81 is gathering more dust, once the other three cars are done this car will be the only one being worked on. So it shouldnt take another 4 years. But with out luck.. who knows.




So yeah.. nothing has really happened recently.

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What issues started with the 13? I just went down the same route, ignitor died, replaced, two weeks later, car stopped running, no spark, ended up being engine harness. Swapped with another harness that had bad AFM signal, third harness works. Ordered a wiring specialties loom which has yet to be installed.


Are you running nistune per chance? or in your collection of gadgets an blitz rvit or greddy informeter? anything that reads error codes is officially my new favouritest aftermarket addition.

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Turns out the issue was the previous builder had the clearances in the head wrong. Car is up and running now at 277kw. First tune it was up around 320kw, but after all this drama Im hoping with lower power it will last longer.


So that has brought this to a close.










2jz Cressida is also done, just waiting on some body repairs from a track day earlier on:










The GS turbo conversion and x81 havent progressed much, parts pile is building and hoping to tackle the 81 next:








We went to Japan and brought this back to AUS, currently in QLD where we are going to meet it for QR Matsuri:




Japan Video of what we got up to there:




I don't come on here anymore, I just hate coming across build threads which are left open ended.


If anyone is still interested you can follow progress here:



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Cressida Sold

Gs300 Sold

Jzx90 Sold

Bought a house. 

7 yrs after starting this thread and the s13 is done.


It's been good.

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