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mitch bucannon

Some of my Fabrication Pics

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Beautiful work Mitch so inspiring to see slouch top notch work out there .

Also really digging the fab section here




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Thank you guys for all the kind words, not much exciting stuff happening at the moment, just trying to get cars out.


Heres a car i just finished the other day, BMW with a 2J. Ended up doing Radiator, intake manifold, piping with wiggins, fuel system. Tell me what you think...

Had to semi mount the surge tank as he is getting other stuff done in there, that explains the MDF.








Also FINALLY finished this bloody exhaust on the supra! What a mission. 4" to twin 3" to 3.5"!.You can see the dump pipe on previous pages. The customer spec'd this exhaust, so it is what it is.






So next up on the Supra is a fuel system. Haven't finalised what im going to do yet. Have to wait and see. Maybe a triple 044 setup, dunno yet.





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you sir are a wizard...

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post some more fab porn mitch

your so lucky to work on so many tuff cars

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Hey guys , been pretty busy lately trying to knock this supra over. It's almost there, just the exhaust to go I think. wacko.gif





I had to mount the Tial 60mm wastegate, plumb it back, and make a 4" dump pipe. The turbine housing has a 5" outlet, so i made a cone to bring it down to 4".



Picture 051.jpg Picture 055.jpg

Picture 057.jpgPicture 059.jpg


Picture 061.jpgPicture 063.jpg


Picture 065.jpgPicture 067.jpg


Picture 069.jpgPicture 071.jpg





Also finished off the radiator. I used Ford fans. There's no way this thing will ever overheat!


Picture 020.jpgPicture 022.jpg





Knocked up a 6" intake pipe and airbox


Picture 024.jpg Picture 026.jpg

Picture 028.jpgPicture 030.jpg

Picture 032.jpg




Also made a real quick intercooler, and some 3.5" piping.


Picture 034.jpgPicture 036.jpg

Picture 038.jpgPicture 042.jpg





Enjoy, Mitch

Incredible work mate!!

Im speechless


Is there a build thred for this somewhere?

thanks alot

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Question if l can. My ae86 had hit before and yes not fixed but front radiator support is mangled a little and well getting the motor in and out is also a pain as its an 3SGTE so was thinking of making a removable support for rad and lights etc. Similar to one l saw on Yates old 86 would you suggest alloy or stainless as dont really want to do mild square tube as well it looks crap was thinking of building it using rods instead.


Basically looking for the excuse to build it and some direction lol


Below is my car as its progressing



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Revival of an old thread - Anyone know if this bloke is still doing fab? Should have a few thousand pictures to update with =P

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