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these items for sale are my personal items that were going to be used in a build but I have gone in a different direction. Happy to post items at buyers expense


Pictures are here


Brand New ARP head Stud kit for SR $175


Brand New ARP Main Stud Kit for SR $110


Brand New SAAS 60mm electric gauges Oil pressure, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Boost Include all sensors and fitting hardware, These guages can have the illumination colour changed from whit, red, blue or green by a push of a button. $250



SR to RB box adpator plate. This plate was bought from the Driftworks group buy please refer to here


Quoted from Drift works website "The plate is made from 6mm thick steel, it is 1st laser cut, then the second stage is the CNC machine, all the studs are tig welded in, it is then acid dipped and Zink plated before all the dowels are pressed in. Made to the highest of standards using the best possible materials, machines and knowledge i know of. FAQ's "Will my standard sr clutch work with the conversion?" Yes, any clutch and flywheel combo for the sr will work fine with the conversion. I am using the exeedy twin hyper clutch. "Will the input shaft locate into the spigot bearing enough with the 6mm plate?" Yes, the standard plate that is between the engine and box is 2mm thick, this is 6mm thick so its effectively only 4mm also the input shaft on the rb25 box is longer, so you will actually get more location than with the sr box. You can create more location if you wish by fitting a new spigot bearing, by putting it in so its flush with the crank rather than below flush, how they are as stock. "Is there any machining that needs doing to the box or any thing else?" No, none at all! Its near on a bolt on kit. ***The starter motor threaded holes need to be drilled out to 12mm, as with the conversion it is held in place with studs. Also, depending on what age the starter, you may need to shave a slight bit off of the location lip (s14a late and s15 only)*** "

Everything is included that is needed to use this kit. I know that you can buy similar items on ebay but I have previously bought one and it was not made to the same standard that this one is made to. $700


Defi gauge bundle, Rare to find this many gauges in one lot. 60mm exhaust temp, 60mm water temp, 60mm oil temp, 60mm oil pressure, 60mm boost pressure, 80mm tacho to 9000rpm, Juran water temp sensor hose attachment, 2x defi warning lamps, controller and all wiring included to get these to work. Near new condition, the gauges illuminate green with red needles. Everything works. A1 condittion. Only One warning lamp is shown in the picture $1400


*RARE* Defi 80mm 11,000 rpm tacho with defi stand. Has been tested and is in perfect working order. $225

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