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EURO TRIP! who's been

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do not take a tour!!!! just plan it yourself its so much better


instead of following a bunch of other aussies just plan your own trip! u have more freedom and u get to meet so much other people from other country's instead of just hanging out with other aussies


my euro trip blog



read your blog seemed you had an awesome time and did alot.


as odd as it sounds i actually prefer at this stage to have the trip mapped out for me so i get a taste of everything. im pretty unorganised lol and like the idea of having some else organise what MAIN attractions to see n do without the hastle of mucking around. this will be/is my first proper holiday/getaway outside of the pacific(only ever been to fiji n nz lol) so its a major confussion to really know the direction i would want to go having no idea what europe is about.


i figure this a good teaser/taster of whats there and if i go back later i can attack it on my own

2. exit festival

Ahhhh exit festival. Was the highlight of my trip. Lineup for this year has nothing on last years though.


Seriously, a tour like your describing is the worst way i could imagine travelling.

I backpacked around europe for 7 months last year, didnt have anything planned except that i wanted to go to exit festival in july, did everything on the fly. I would wake up not knowing what country i would be in the next day.


It doesnt sound like this would be for you though, sounds like you want to go for a short time and just get drunk. I came across copious amounts of contiki and other similar company tours and they are the most heinous people you can imagine. One night i was at this large lookout area above a town (forget where exactly), when two giant contiki busses pulled in (which are an eyesore in their own right). 50 or so gross australians and americans stepped off. Their group leaders ushered everyone away from the viewing area so they could get a group photo. They took the photo and were on the bus in no joke less than two minutes, most of them didnt even look at the view. They all looked like they were from regional australia, with teeth missing, shitty bogan clothes etc. All the talked about in the two minutes about how smashed they were going to get that night. The women looked like bush pigs.


If you just wanna get f**ked up, dont spend thousands of dollars to go to europe theres no point, you wont be seeing anything anyway or taking anything in or meeting different people. Grab a few slabs, some coke, and drop a couple thousand dollars on a 5 day bender in your home city. Save some money but get the same effect with the same people. Or go to thailand.


Sorry to sound like a snob, but everyone i met on a contiki tour were f**king deadshits. Get out of your comfort zone, do shit for yourself.


how did u go with the schengen bullshit since u were traveling for so long? I didnt think they would enforce it that harshly but now germany and france are cracking down on overstaying and oktoberfest is the last thing on my schedule

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