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HKS Turbo TImer Wiring

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Hey guys, i’ve just got one of these latest HKS Type 1 turbo timers (41001-AK010) but don't have instructions for wiring up the power. I think i’ve worked it out but just want to see if i got it right...


Basically I've got the 3 wires for hooking up to the key barrel, and from some old HKS wiring instructions I found I think it goes:


Red - 12v constant

Green - 12v ignition/on

Blue - 12v accessory


This is from a manual on the HKS US site, but relates to a different model of timer. Anyone else installed one of these and can confirm?



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Get one of these - http://cgi.ebay.com/...sQ5fAccessories


It will make life a lot easier for you and save you having to butcher your wiring harness. I believe one of the site sponsors also sells these.


Failing that, here is the manual http://www.banzai-racing.com/store_instructions/HKS_Type-1_Turbo_Timer.pdf


Wow, the dazzling power of google.

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Cheers Sampson, yep google is pretty good, thats the same manual i found on the HKS site relating to the old turbo timers. But turns out the wiring i said above (and as per the old manual) works so all good.


I did look at the harness, but the jap spec harness (there is no harness for the AUS spec) required some pins swapped around anyway, so i stuck with the universal harness and tapped the wires off the ignition switch (E107) so still ended up looking real neat.

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