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Help Vote Aussie Mat McBriar into NFL Pro Bowl

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Hey and apologies if "help me get votes" threads are getting old...


Anyways my cousin is Mat McBriar, NFL fans might recognise the name as he punts for the Dallas Cowboys, he's kind of a big deal /anchorman :P


Pro Bowl is coming up & Mat is currently coming 3rd to some dudes who arn't even in the top 5 punters stats-wise. Mat leads the NFL in gross average with 48.2 yards per punt.



All you have to do to vote is go here: http://www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot?icampaign=HP_CP_PB_ballot&module=News_CP


Click 'Special Teams' > 'Punters' & Mat is 5th from the bottom right.




Thanks in advance!

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