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Help with camcorder choice

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Hey guys,


Wondering if you could help me out with purchasing a camcorder for my parents. Its just for general use, holidays, recording of school performances etc. They arent very computer savvy. These are the requirements I have come up with:

- Standard definition (will be going onto dvd's)

- Flash storage. HDD is definitely out

- Easy to copy to DVD/computer. Ive been looking at cannons and like them as a camera, but Ive heard the software is pretty aweful.

- Looking to spend about $400 but could stretch that a little if needed


Ive looked at the following models:


Canon Legria FS36



I definitely like the feel/operation of the Canon but I am worried that the task of copying from camera/sd to dvd is over-complicated.


If you can offer any advice I would appreciate it, especially if you use any of the bundled software with any of these camera's.





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I'm looking for one with the exact same criteria for my old man.


Have pretty much decided upon the Panasonic SDR-S50. For sale at $332 at Harvey Norman, which leaves a bit of cash to buy a bigger SD card.


My Dad just wanted the cheapest, decent camera in Non-HD to fit more hours of footage on per card and this seems to fit the bill pretty well and be at the top of its class spec wise for cameras in this price range.


His old camera was a Panasonic and has worked flawlessly for the past 10? years, so we'll most likely stick with that brand.


He also uses that same camera at his work and said that it gets thrown around a bit and still works well and is pretty idiot proof, and at the end of the day, for a $330~ camera, what more can you ask for?


I also looked at the Sony SX43E, but from memory it didn't quite have the specs of the Panasonic, though I can't recall exactly what was different.


Haven't looked at the Canons at all, although both him and I own Canon DSLR's, so I might see if he wants me to compare them still.

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