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i want a silvia

NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

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Sorry guys, but I have decided to close this thread down now.


This is due to 2 reasons.


1) My copy of FAST is over 10 years old. Nissan does occasionally change part numbers, as my information is so old these occasional changes are now starting to stack up to the point where I am beginning to give part numbers to people that Nissan no longer uses.


2) I have grown a little bit bored with doing it all by myself. There were originally 2 of us maintaining this thread, but eventually it just became me.


So this thread is now closed. It will remain here so people can get the part numbers that are already posted, but if you require part numbers that are not already here, you will have to call Nissan.



Sir Ashman





To skip down to the list of part numbers click here



I thought it would be a good idea to whack up a thread so people who want any Nissan part numbers can ask here, without creating numerous other threads.



1. What Is Nissan FAST?


For those not in the know, Nissan FAST is the Japanese parts-finding program for imports built up to 2003. It can locate part numbers, but it does not give prices (you will need to contact your local Nissan dealership for this).


Keep in mind that prices for parts fluctuate depending on exchange rate, availability, and whether or not you are paying retail or trade price.



2. Find Me A Part Number!


If you would like to know a part number, we NEED to know the following SPECIFICALLY:


  • Model
  • Engine
  • Year
  • Transmission (for driveline related parts)
  • HICAS/non-HICAS (for steering/braking/suspension parts)
  • ABS/Non-ABS (for steering/braking/suspension parts)
  • Paint code (for body panels)

Don't bother asking about part numbers for the S13 Aero kit, they are not listed. 180SX/S14/S15 kits are, however.


In the interest of keeping this thread neat and tidy and ensuring all requests are answered, all posts requesting part numbers will eventually be deleted - after the part numbers have been provided, and the poster has confirmed that they have their answer (the part numbers will then be added to the main list below for future reference). If you ask for part numbers could you please reply back in this thread once your request has been answered, to let us know that we are now able to add them into the list and delete your post.


3. Can it tell me details about my car?


Yes, The FAST system can provide you with some details on your vehicle.


It can provide: Build date, original paint colour code, factory engine type, factory transmission type, HICAS/Non-HICAS, Trim Level, Interior colour.


However it can not provide you with the original engine number.


If you would like details on your vehicle, please post up the Japanese Vin number. It is located on the silver plate on the firewall and is in the form:


S13 123456

RS13 123456

R32 123456



4. Can I get a copy of Nissan FAST?


Yes. You can download Nissan FAST from here or BitTorrent.


Download the following rar files:


Japan Home Market Databases

_a1.rar - Part One 223.9 Mb

_a2.rar - Part Two 84.4 Mb

__a2.rar - Part Three 240.5 Mb

__a3.rar - Part Four 140 Mb

_b1.rar - Part Five 182 Mb

_b2.rar - Part Six 166.4 Mb


And after you do download these, instructions on how to install are here. Make sure you follow exactly as the post says so you don't run into any issues.

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We are not Nissan parts interpreters. Any part numbers listed here are not guaranteed to be accurate - this is merely a guide! It is YOUR responsibility to clarify with a Nissan parts interpreter that the part number you have is correct before ordering.


5. Common Part Numbers


Here are some common part numbers (please note that Nissan's part descriptions maybe slightly different from what you would call the part):





Window seal (sold with black metal holder) - 80821-35F10 (LH side)

Window seal (sold with black metal holder) - 80820-35F10 (RH side)

Door seal - 80830-35F01 (RH side, attached to door, seals against door sill)

Door seal - 80831-35F1 (LH side, attached to door, seals against door sill)

Door seal - 76860-35F02 (RH side, attached to body, seals against window)

Door seal - 76861-35F02 (LH side, attached to body, seals against window)

Rear Brake Seal Kit - 44120-61E26

Powersteering hose - Pump to Reservoir Tank - 49717-35F01 (NON HICAS)

Rear caliper bleeder screw - 41128-21010

Extension Housing Seal - 32136-U0100 (rear of gearbox where tailshaft is inserted)


CA18 (Fits both DE and DET)

Oil filter - AY100-NS007

Upper radiator hose - 21501-35F00

Lower radiator hose - 21503-35F00

Rear crankshaft oil seal - 12279-D0100 (Aka Main Seal)

Rear oil pan seal - 11121-01F15

Rear oil seal retainer - 12297-D0100

Retainer gasket - 12298-D0100

Cylinder head gasket - 11044-51E00

Rocker cover gasket - 13270-56E10 (exhaust)

Rocker cover gasket - 13270-56E00 (inlet)

Rocker cover 1/2 moon seal - 11051-58S00

Cylinder head bolt washer - 11058-16A00

Cylinder head bolt - 11056-D4200

Timing belt - 13028-51E25

Camshaft oil seal - 13042-16V00

Exhaust manifold gasket - 14036-D4200 (head to manifold)

Throttle chamber gasket - 16175-35F00 (also doubles as rear plenum gasket)

Intake manifold gasket - 14035-55M04 (manifold to head)

Intake plenum gasket - 14035-D5710 (plenum to intake butterfly manifold)

Aircon Compressor (03/90-onwards) - 92600-35F03

Pressure Plate bolts - 01121-00772 (X6)


CA18DE Specific


CA18DET Specific

Oxygen Sensor - 22690-36F00


SR20 (Fits both DE and DET)

Cylinder head bolt washer - 11058-16A00

Rear caliper bleeder screw - 41128-21010 (01/91 - 05/91 build date)

Rear caliper bleeder screw - 41128-88E01 (05/91 - 08/96 build date)

Thrust Washer (Crankshaft) - 12280-60J00

Main Bearings (US=0.25) - 12208-60J00

Water Pump - 21010-52F00

Timing Chain - 13028-53J03


SR20DE Specific

Distributor Rotor - 22157-53F11

Distributor Cap - 22162-52F10


SR20DET Specific

O2 Sensor - 22690-50F00

Coilpack - 22433-50F01




SR20DE Specific

AFM - 22680-52F00 (10/93 - 05/95 build date)

AFM - 22680-52F01 (05/95 - onwards)


SR20DET Specific

AFM - 22680-69F01 (05/95 - onwards)




SR20 (Fits both DE and DET)

Timing Chain Tensioner - 13070-2J203

Aero Front Bar (WV2 paint code) - K6020-85F04

Clutch Master Cylinder - 30610-88F04


SR20DE Specific

Fuel tank outlet plate - 17278-AA010 (plastic plate that fuel lines connect to)


SR20DET Specific

Front brake caliper pins - 41217-30P00 (also fits Autech vehicles)

Fuel tank outlet plate - 17278-5L310 (plastic plate that fuel lines connect to - Also fits Autech vehicles)

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* Model - 180SX

* Engine - SR20DET

* Year - 1992

* non-HICAS (for steering/braking/suspension parts)

* Non-ABS (for steering/braking/suspension parts)


I think I broke a handbrake cable tonight. Need the part numbers for both the left and right cables.






LH cable - 36531-50F10

RH cable - 36530-50F10

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Model: S13

Engine: SR20DE

Year: 1992


Im looking for the distributor (dizzy) o-ring part number.


Cheers Collin



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S13 Sr20DE (aircon) Hicas


All fans belts

Please thank you


Alternator - AY140-50935

PS - AY140-40880

Aircon - AY140-40880


No that's not a typo, both PS and Aircon have the same part number, looks like they are the same belt.

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hey mate,


Can you please help me out with the part number for this guy (both left and right hand side if they are different.) Its the door latch(?) for a 180sx type x. Sick of having to slam my doors >.

Thanks champ.


Ok, there are 2 different part numbers that could be applicable here


01/94-03/96 - 80570-01E00


08/96 - Onwards - 80570-01L00


Both left hand and right hand share the same part number.


But before you buy new strikers, I suggest you try to adjust the door hinges and raise the door. You can get a small amount of adjustment out of the hinges, it is a prick of a job but it can be done and may save you some money.


You want to slightly loosen the door hinges where they bolt to the A pillar and have someone lift the door while you re-tighten them.

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hey mate, can I get the part numbers for the following;

r33 rb25de and rb25det conrods

r33 rb25de and rb25det crank


cheers mate :)


R33 RB25DE/DET conrod assembly 08/93-01/95 - 12100-75T01

R33 RB25DE/DET conrod assembly 01/95-Onwards - 12100-75T02


NOTE: 12100-75T02 is listed as an alternate part number for 12100-75T01, which should mean they are interchangeable. If you are unsure of the exact year of the engine, I would order 12100-75T02 as according to FAST it will suit both year ranges, whereas 12100-75T01 will only suit the earlier model. Also DE and DET conrods have the same part number. And the conrod is not sold on it's own, it is sold in a kit containing, 1 X conrod, 1 X conrod cap, 2 X bolts, 2 X nuts, and 1 X gudgeon bushing.


R33 RB25DE/DET Crankshaft - All Year Ranges - 12200-08U00


Crankshaft is the same for DE and DET.

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Could you please tell me if the part number for the main driver's side window for a 91 red top sr20 180sx would be the same as s13.


Thanks, Amanda


They have different part numbers, I would have thought they would be the same, but maybe not.

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hey mate, can i trouble you for 2 more bits of info?


R34 RB25DE & RB25DET cranks.



I just installed nissanFAST tonight but i can't seem to get it working or able to read the part numbers, all i get is 12200 (ie: crank) but where did u get the rest 08U00 from?


R34 RB25DE and DET Crankshaft



Double click the part code (12200) until it turns red, then click the little red book icon at the top of the screen to open the part numbers.

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hi can u tell me the numbers for a full rubber kit ie doors windows boot and the metal trims ect (if one existis) and if they do a complete roof panel for a 1991 s13 ca18de auto silvia with a sun roof


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oh ok lol, might just have to get it repaired, im looking for both windscreen rubbers, quarter glass rubbers, boot ruber, door seals the whole hog lol


Front Windscreen Moulding Kit - 72750-52F10 (Contains the 3 seals listed below, plus 2 metal corner finisher panels)


Front Windscreen Left Seal Only - 72763-35F00

Front Windscreen Top Seal Only - 72752-35F10

Front Windscreen Right Seal Only - 72762-35F00


Rear Windscreen Moulding Kit - 79750-35F15 (contains the seal below, 2 metal side finishers and a metal lower finisher)


Rear Windscreen Seal Only - 79752-35F10


Quarter Window Seal - 83324-35F02 (this is a small seal for the top inner side of the window, the rest of the window is glued on - hence no seal. The rubber moulding that surrounds the rear and bottom of the glass is only sold with the window glass itself and not available separately.)


Boot Seal - 84830-35F00


Door seals are in the list on the first page.

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If you could please give me the part number for combination flasher unit (listed as M21 in the s15 manual) for a 99 JDM S15?

Thank you in advance for your help!


S15 Indicator Flasher Unit




They are a pretty generic part though, when mine (S13) stopped working I just went Supercheap and bought one that had the same terminal arrangement as the original, and it works perfectly. It may be a cheaper/easier option.

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part number for a speed sensor to suit 97 model S14a 5 spd 260 kmh dash


S14 MT Speed Sensor



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Part number for the O-rings to suit GTR injectors into a ca18det.... genuine nissan ones or.....?




R32, R33, R34 GTR and S13 CA's all use the same injector O rings.


Part number:



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After part number for few things simple ones but no parts interpreter seems to know what they are...


Car 1989 180sx


Front brakes from an S15 not sure which year tho need part number for pads


Rear brakes from an S13 again not sure which year model possible a 92 need part number for its pads aswell (they keep trying to sell me pads to suit a mitsubishi pajero :S)


need part number for 92 model SR20DET spark plugs (keep getting told they are only 1.8L yet mine is a 2.0L)


sorry if its pain in the ass just cant pull them off the car to take them in because its my daily so i then cant get the parts to the shop lol


thanks mate



S15 SR20DET front brake pads



S13 SR20DE/DET rear brake pads



There are 3 different part numbers for the S13 SR20DET sparkplugs. I do not know what the differences are, perhaps heat range or something.




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Hi there, wondering if you could help me out, i have looked everywhere for the p/n but cant seem to find. im after the p/n for the Hydrolic Lash Adjuster (HLA) for a redtop sr20det.


Pivot - Rocker


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hey mate, any chance you can get the part #'s for R34 RB25DE & RB25DET IAC?






R34 RB25DE - 23781-AA100

R34 RB25DET - 23781-AA500

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Hi, I'm replacing my turbo with a GT2871 so can I have the part nrs of all the S15 gaskets eg. exhaust manifold gasket, turbo to dump gasket, inlet/outlet gaskets, oil return gasket, and all the bolts and nuts needed to replace everthing? Don't know which model S15 as my engine is a S13 but hopefully they're all the same. Big ask so thanks alot.

Any luck on these yet? Thanks.


S15 Manifold to turbo Gasket - 14415-75F10

S15 Turbo to dump gasket - 14445-75F10

S15 turbo to outlet snout gasket - 14465-79E00

Water Line washers - 15189-69F01 ( x 4)

Oil Feed Line washers - 15189-40P00 ( x 2)

Oil outlet gasket - 15196-69F00


Exhaust housing Studs - 14414-75F10 ( x 2)


Note, there are different part numbers for auto and manual and different part numbers for pre 2000 and post 2000 vehicles. The part number above are to suit a pre 2000 manual SR20DET.

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car: 89 s13 silvia ca turbo


window amp

rear main seal

bonnet prop clips


Power Window Amplifier - 28515-35F00


Main seal is already in the list on the first page


Bonnet prop clips??? I assume you are referring to the plastic clips for the bonnet support rod.


White clasp on drivers side - 65722-01E00

Black holder on passengers side - 65721-D4000

Black socket as base of rod - 65512-P7100

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After part numbers for a 1991 s13 silvia sr20det:


(Doing a manual conversion)


Flywheel Bolts

Bellhousing Bolts

Thrust Bearing

Spiggot Bearing

Rubber Seal for around the stick (not sure what they're called exactly)





Flywheel bolts - 12315-52F00 (x 8)

Bellhousing Bolts - SEE SECTION AT BOTTOM

Thrust Bearing - 30502-21000

Spiggot Bush - 32202-B9500

Rubber Gearboot - There are 3 boots, a small one that fits around the base of the shifter where it enters the gearbox and another 2 that attach to the transmission tunnel with a metal retaining ring.


Small boot - 32862-V5001


Larger boot #1 - 74967-35F00

Larger boot #2 - 74960-35F00

Metal ring - 74966-35F00


Note: You can get away without Larger boot #1, mine never came with it and there is no problems, it just stops stuff getting up inside boot #2. But nothing can get into the cabin or anything if boot #1 is not present, as boot #2 blocks it all.


Bellhousing Bolts.


FAST does not list the quantities required for the gearbox bolts for some reason. I only have the S14 service manual and the S14 appears to have more bolts that the S13, so I can not use the S14 manual to work out how many of each type are needed. As a result I can not accurately provide the quantities of bolts required. I can only look at the S13 diagram shown in FAST and try to count up the quantities of each part number. The quantities below are not guaranteed to be correct but I have done my best.


There are also washers on some of the bolts.


08171-2651A x 3 (all use washer #1)

08171-2801A x 1 (uses washer #1)

08121-0601E x 2

08121-0301E x 1

08131-0651A x 1 (uses washer #2)

08171-2701A x 1 (uses washer #1)


Washer #1 - 08915-2421A

Washer #2 - 08915-2401A


If you do order these bolts it would be appreciated if you could post back and confirm the quantities so I can add these numbers with confirmed quantities to the main list.

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After a part number for the seal that goes between the fuel tank and the sender cover for a 180sx.


Fuel Tank O Ring - 17342-01A00

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Could I please have the part number for S13 1989 CA18DET Thermostat ?



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Ash, got the part number for the spigot bearing for the 93 red top sr20det?


Sure do.


S13/180sx CA/SR Spigot Bush



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(Hence why all the posts are mine - they are there so I can integrate the part numbers into the main list).



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my buyer wants all orignal badging so i need the part number for the rear 'Nissan' badge on an s15.

thanks again (y)

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The round one in the middle of the boot??


84890-85F00 01/99 - 06/00

84890-85F01 06/00 - onwards

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Model: Nissan Bluebird SSS (Jap Import-AWD Turbo)


Engine: SR20det




Transmission: Manual




ABS: Yes


Hey Mate,


After the part number for the left front ABS sensor assembly - (lead from sender to wheel, I believe?)

Is this the same as the Aussie Model?


Also require spec's / demensions on the Fuel Pump & part number. (As want to upgrade in-tank pump, with minimal mods).


Keep up the great work!




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Sr20 s13 head,

Sr20 s13 det crankshaft (same thru out all rwd sr's)


Thanks ash mang


Sorry for the late reply (I only just saw your post).


S13 SR head assembly - 11040-52F00


Assembly includes everything in the diagram:




S13 SR Crankshaft - 12200-60J00

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