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Pre Order your TTuned Hoodie!

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Ok People.




The TTuned forum should really become a stand alone, and stand out part of the Hard Tuned Community with soo many great examples here in Australia!


This is a great chance for us to get behind the Australian modified Toyota scene which is HUGE!


Pre Order List (more to let us know who is getting behind it) Order your Hoodies HERE


I have been the T Tuned manager for a little while now and To be Honest I feel like I should have done more to promote the section rather than just Moderate the section and doing odd jobs.


So from now on you will start to see some Stickied threads such as.


Power Boards: Dyno sheets of the Forums most powerful toyota engines!

Quarter mile leader boards: Sure you can figure this one out!


Please give me some feedback of what you would like to see in YOUR Toyota forum! :D

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I'll have 1/4 times and power figures mid December for you.


Wouldn't hurt getting the name out there, I might purchase some ttuned promo gear (can you organise discounted bulk orders?) to hand out at a Celica club meeting which I'm organising for December.


PM us about the promo gear.



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So when are these gonna be ready and sent out?


I payed for one already

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