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Ideas for a Marriage Survival Kit

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Hi Ladies, I thought Id come here and try and get a few different ideas on what could be put into a "Marriage Survival Kit" that Im helping plan with the girls in the bridal party for an upcoming good friends Hens Night/Wedding.


Has anyone put together one? What different things have you put in one?


A few ideas that we have so far are....

- A writing journal - because it will always listen, even when he won't

- Fluffy handcuffs- to keep it under control

- Vanilla Warming body oil- because every man needs to learn the art of massage

- Strawberry kissable body powder- to spice things up

- An application form for the groom to fill out if he's going for a night out with the boys

-Mills and Boon Novel

- Ear plugs

- Panadol

- Condoms

- Pregnancy test

- candles

- chocolate


Any ideas would be great. Also, any game ideas for a Hens Night too would be muchly appreciated. Just something to ease into before we head into the city and just to get all the girls interacting together :)

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