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Updated ladies clothing collection

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hi girls.


My gf has recently cleaned out her waredrobes to make more room for other things. therefore i am selling on her behalf her clothing. On offer there are classy dresses, casual dresses, maxi dresses, jeans, skirts, singlets, assorted tops and cardigans/jackets. also 3 handbags and a ladies seiko watch. Most items have only been worn a couple of times and are in excellent condition. some items still have tags attached.


sizes for clothing range between size 6-8.


brands include Bardot, guess, seduce, wayne cooper, morocco, chloe, roxy and some other boutique brands.


please find attached pictures of the items. there is plenty more and photos will be updated as she goes along.


email her directly at sam_132@hotmail.com




BufNmrg2kKGrHqUOKi8EusBo9d7BMmnW3cG.jpg "Events" $30


BufNkcQBmkKGrHqQOKjYEvmOSR1VHBMmnPb.jpg "Sheike" $30


BufJGewEWkKGrHqUOKjcEve5QYT4eBMmYPN.jpg "seduce" $30


BufCmOQEGkKGrHqYOKnEEvyFrzGsKBMl-UC.jpg $30


Bue7zgEWkKGrHqIOKnMEvyFriSVBMlzrWuP.jpg $30


BudHmQBmkKGrHqIOKioEvNhwdGBMdhVTn_3.jpg "seduce" $40


Bud8pwQB2kKGrHqIOKkQEvMT8jH8tBMfb2H.jpgBud8oWgEWkKGrHqMOKjMEvNg7S9BMfbqeM8.jpg $30


Bud7BNwB2kKGrHqMOKicEvLdHmpdrBMfMUf.jpg $30


Bud1DvwCWkKGrHqIOKjoEvNoEoge-BMetut.jpg $30


BtZzyEGkKGrHqEOKikEvMhnK7BJBL72ctVg.jpg "one tea spoon" $30


BtZVq7QCGkKGrHqMOKjUEvL60NPYsBL70K2.jpg $30


BtZr7mkKGrHqEOKjcEvcnF0ssRBL717C1EQ.jpg $25


BtZnKIwEGkKGrHqUOKiEEvNzjgwz3BL71iy.jpg $25


BtZkw6EWkKGrHqUOKikEvPQGnsBL71Vr2G7.jpg $30


BtZftBWkKGrHqEOKkMEvMuqppcBL7080G6h.jpg $30


BtZqrwB2kKGrHqQOKiwEvN8uZBLlBL72iiL.jpg $30


BtZ9t1QCWkKGrHqMOKjMEvNg7S9BL74EHJy.jpg "Taffeta" $30


BtZ5z3gCWkKGrHqIOKkYEvNz7ZT43BL73hV.jpg "Piper Lane" $30


Bt30wEGkKGrHqQOKjIEvOV3l9OoBL74mDWm.jpg $30




Photo144.jpg $10

Photo032.jpg $20 Photo166.jpg $5

Photo175.jpg $20 Photo143.jpg $20

Photo141.jpg Roxy bag $20

Photo171.jpg $20 Photo147-1.jpg $30

Photo170.jpg $20


Photo150.jpg "Seduce" $30 Photo164.jpg $20

Photo161.jpg $20 Photo154.jpg $30

Photo158.jpg Guess $15 Photo157.jpg $20

Photo156.jpg $25

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anyone interested in anything


can do group discounts for more then 1 item bought.

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