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Stole this idea from the WA Guys :)


This thread is about getting to know the ACT members of nissansilvia.com and their cars. Post abit about yourself and your car, modifications, plans etc and let everyone get familiar with each other!




* keep your own posts to a minimum, too many update posts will be deleted

* must be ACT only

* post atleast 2 pictures of your car, add more if you like over time



TEMPLATE use this or make your own

Name: (your nickname, or name, or what people call you normally)

Ride: (what car you drive, year model etc)

Main Location: (what suburb your located)

Mods: (what modifications you wish to disclose about your car)

Occupation: (your job/s)

Year of birth: (what year you were born, give us some idea how old you are)

Interest: (what you like to do for fun)

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I'll get the ball rolling


Name: Jonno

Ride: 1991 Nissan Silvia (K)

Main Location: (Belco


GT Style Grill

Full BN Sports Bodykit

Wing Removed, Holes Welded and Sprayed

Engine Bay has been Resprayed a Purple With House of kolor Pearl

Rocket cover, fan cover have been resprayed S15 Yellow with House of kolor Pearl


19inch work meister

2x front airbags

2x Rear air cyl's

1x Air Tank

2x compressors

1x ps2 style Controller



Full rebuild

Forged Internals

Port and Polish

Head Work


Xtream HD Clutch

GT3540R 600Hp turbo

Braided Lines

SS Top Mounted Manifold

Tial 44mm External Wastegate

Custom made External Wastegate Pipe

PWR Frontmount Intercooler

Custom made Front mount Intercooler Piping

Custom Made Pipe From Turbo For K/N Filter

Custom Made one peice Dump Pipe to cat

Blitz Nuc Spec Cat back Exhaust with 4.5inch Cannon

Turbo Smart Type 2 BOV

R33 GTR V-Spec Fuel Pump

Mircotech Computer

drift Airfilter

Drift Oil airfilter

custom made Oil Catch Can



Re trimmed Seats In a Cream with Ruffle insert with Blue Piping

Re trimmed Roof Liner (Grey)

Re trimmed Parcel Shelf (Cream)

Re trimmed Pillers (Cream)

Re trimmed Glove Box (Cream)

Re trimmed under Steering Wheel (Cream)

Re trimmed Centre Console (Blue)

Re trimmed Door Pockets (Blue

Momo Gearnob

Turbo Timer

2x Airbag Gauges

1x 1/16 Autometer Boost Gauge

1x 1/16 Autometer Oil Gauge



20mm MDF Flooring

Airbag Suspension Setup

Battery In boot


Occupation: Work for Telstra

Year of birth: 19

Interest: Anything and Everything to do with cars :D





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Name: Teon

Ride: Toyota Supra RZ (early 1995)

Main Location: Calwell

Mods: Full HKS Super Draggar Exhaust, HKS Air-filter, Blitz BOV, (soon: Boost controller, FCD)

Occupation: Software Programmer (Currently contracting for the next 3 months at DOTARS)

Age: 21

Interest: Photography






Edited by Teon
fixed image links

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Bored so this has been updated :)


Name: PAN

Ride: 1995 180SX

Main Location: Canberra




3" TB Exhaust


Walbro Fuel Pump



GP Sports front bar

Vertex sides n rear

Type X rear lights



TIEN SuperStreet Coilovers

COMPLETE 5-Stud conversion consisting of:

-R33 Gtst calipers & rotors

-DBA 4000 Slotted rotors front

-Braided Lines

-18" HR white wheels



Panasonic DVD Player with 7" screen

Pioneer splits + kicker amp

Polk Audio 12" sub + soundstream amp


a few other mods here n there but thats just the jist of it


Occupation: David Jones - Loss Prevention & SNP Security

Year of birth: Old Enough

Interest: Sports + Games + Fun. Yes im a Sociable Sporty Geek, deal with it.

Future Mods: Nothing for the time being, i'm happy with it now.







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Name: Jason bruce

Nickname: brucey

location: Mawson (drive everywhere though)

Ride: Ford Festiva Trio 1999

Mods: STOCK! (wont work on the engine till the outside is complete) exhaust is just 2" straight through and a tip on the end.


Interests: food, sports...

Occupation: college and i work at the national museum of australia

born: was born in sydney








Future: lower the car, body kit, paint job, seats.

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Name: Adam


Ride: 1990 Nissan Onevia (CA18DE auto)


Main Location: Live in Jerrabomberra but always around tuggers





RB20 engine + 5 speed conversion

3" cat back + 3" Metal Cat

Drift pod filter

front mount

RB30 radiator

RB30 water pump


oil cooler + oil filter relocation



180SX front

17" x 7" Rays SF Winning rims (old style)

flared rear guards

"CRB-20T" custom numberplates

Vanquish style frontbar

Smoked Taillights



S14 seats

turbo timer

JJR Drift steering wheel + quick release

Saber boost + oil pressure guages


Suspension, Brakes & Driveline

HSD HR coil overs

Rear adjustable camber arms

Bee R pineapples

S14 5 stud + rotors + calipers conversion

R200 diff

Adjustable traction rods


Many mods to come...


Occupation: Sterilising Technician for ACT Health at Calvary Hospital but now at TCH


Year of birth: 20yrs


Interest: Imports, Music






Shocking i know and is only temperary, but looks dont matter so long as it goes.... hard. Makes it more unsuspecting :ph34r:

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Name: Veilside S15 (aka Paulphot)........Paul


Car: 2002 S15 SpecR GT ADM


Location: Jerrabomberra


Born: 1976 (31)


Occupation: Photographer


Mods: Veilside front bar (needs painting)

3inch Cat Back exhaust


Altezza tail lights

Whiteline strut brace

RDA slotted rotors with Motul 5.1 brake fluid


Hobbies: Crusing, photography, photography of cruising..... :)



Before front bar



After front bar


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Name: Dineth a.k.a. Sherman


Ride: 1995 180sx


Main Location: Belcompton




3" Exhaust


K&N Pod Filter

Turbotech Boost Controller

Bosch 040

Stainless Intake Pipe

Greddy Boost Gauge


Mods about to be installed:


Rebuilt S14 T28 Turbo

Power FC D-Jetro

Nismo 740cc Injectors

Blitz Dual SBC Spec R EBC

Zeal rear coilovers


Occupation: Full-time Uni student but work casually at Myer


Year of birth: 1987


Interest: Sports (in particular weight lifting), Cars & Music





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Name: Raiss

Ride: S13.5

Main Location: southside

Mods: s15 front, custom paint, clear tails, 18s, walls, fmic, pod, 040, exhaust etc etc

Occupation: studying & Phone shop on weekends

Year of birth: 87

Interest: heaps of stuff


Thx to: 2 sus custom resprays, Powatone exhaust , performance garage, s garage, teamGROUNDzero


for sale







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HOMETOWN: CANBERRA - belcrompton side yo





- Custom Blue Respray

- Clear Side Indicators

- Type X Tail Lights



- Konig Sideways 18x8”

- Nexen 215/35Z/18R



- Stock Nissan Brakes

* Front - Disc

* Rear - Disc



- Front Strut Bar

- Custom Tie Rods

- King Springs



- Custom Exhaust manifold

- Garret GT30/37R

- Braided Oil return + Oil feed lines

- 3” Custom Dump pipe + Down pipe

- Power FC ECU unit

- Front Mount

- Custom 2.5” and 3” Intake Piping

- Relocated AFM

- Out of engine bay air Intake

- Turbosmart Supersonic BOV

- Turbosmart Turbo Timer

- Turbosmart Fuel Pressure regulator

- 700cc SARD injectors

- Bosch 040 Fuel Pump

- Half Inch Fuel Line

- Drift Oil Catch Can

- Exedy Cushion Brass Button Heavy Duty Clutch

- Straight through 3” exhaust into 5” Cannon tip



- Bride Ergo Bucket seats (yeah they're real :) ) Driver + Passenger

- Custom Pedals

- Custom Gear Knob

- Autometer 2.5” On dash boost gauge

- Autometer 2.5” On dash oil pressure gauge

- Autometer 2.5” On dash oil temperature gauge

- JVC KD-DV6205 CD and DVD head deck

- VISCOM 6inch LCD in dash monitor

- Audioline x4 Channel 800W Amp

- Pinoeer 6” Splits in front

- 6X9 Pioneer Splits in parcel shelf

- Apline free-to-air 12” Sub – Boxed at 45°



ME! haha! Performance Garage and all the boys from teamGROUNDzero



- Personal Trainer @ Flames Fitness. Musician. Studying nursing next year.



- 1988



- Music, Touring, BOOST, Fitness, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Cars, Bikes, Golf, Steak, Fishing, Chillin with mates.. usual stuff :) and all that other shit i forgot i do :lol:





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Iz, quit pay'n out on the poor boy and post your sh!7 up.



Name: Benn

Ride: Sold the T51R 13B 200sx (In parts), FC RX7 and 94 180sx for house and honeymoon... Driving a fkn Holden.

Upcoming project: Supercharged LS1 180sx - Starting late this year

Main Location: Deep South

Occupation: Corporate Sales

Year of birth: Old enough to know better, young enough to get away with it but too lazy to do it.

Interest(s): Power Lifting, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, the Cars have taken a back seat for the wedding for now (2 weeks away - Then to Thailand to get fked up on the beach and watch Muai Thai!!! (If she lets me :P ))

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Name: Stephen

Ride: 91 k's s13 SR20

Main Location: Macgregor

Modifications: BOV, Just Jap Front Mount, Boost Controller, Cutom Pipes, 2 x 12 subs, 600watt amp, autotecnica racing seats, turbo timer

Occupation: Hoyts / Gungahlin Lakes

Year of birth:89 (17yo)

Interest: Gym, Soccer







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Name: Semo, Worldwide :)

Ride 1: Nissan Skyline R33 Gtst

Main Location: Belconnen


Tein Super Street Coil overs

Apexi AVC-R

19x10.5" Volk GT-V

R34 Front headlights

R34 Front indicators

R34 Conversion Guards

Genuine R34 GTR bonnet

Cwest Front Bar

Garage Impul Sideskirts

Garage Impul Rear Bar

East Bear Style Flat Boot

Custom Widebody

Isotta Steering Wheel

Isotta Gear knob

3.5" Turbo back exhaust

Greddy Turbo Timer

Autometer Cobalt Air/Fuel Guage

Autometer Cobalt Water Temp Guage

Autometer Dual pillar cup moulding

Occupation: Dole Bludger, Emo

Year of birth: 1987

Interest: Working on cars/bludging on the computer

Future Mods: RB26 Conversion, Interior Retrim, Sound System










Ride 2: E36 328i Convertible


19" Chrome wheels

Lowered Springs

Air Freshener :)

Future Mods: Sound System, Buff/Polish




Edited by Style32

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Name: Steve, Stevo

Ride: S14.5

Main Location: Mostly Macarthur and Calwell

Mods: S15 Frontend Conversion, Custom paint, Body kit

Year of birth: March 1987

Interest: Playstation, Eating, Driving around, Footy.




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Name: alex

Ride: s15

Main Location: gowrie

Mods: ummmm..


turbo back exhaust (powatone)

FMIC (cheapy)

bosch fuel pump

manual boost controller

greddy turbo timer

greddy a-pillar boost guage

nismo gear knob

K&N filter


pioneer single CD mp3 double DIN head unit, front splits, rear 6x9s on the parcel shelf, 10in infinity sub in custom box in the boot with 4 channel amp


wheels and tyres from that place in belco that everyone goes to.. the tyres are just what came on the wheels.. nankangs or something


springs and shocks from pedders in phillip


vertex rip-off kit supplied and painted by new-gel, who also baged, de-winged and painted the bonnet and boot..


i think that's it..



Occupation: operating theatre nurse

Year of birth: '74

Interest: done martial arts for ages.. kyokoshin at the moment, also long distance running and fair bit of gym work..





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Name: Will

Ride: 07 Liberty GT B.Spec

Occupation: IT Consultant



STI Front Lip

Tinted Windows

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Ha been awhile since i been on this site. The old silvia and 200sx, those were the days.........Still miss the sound of the turbo spooling ahhhhhhhh


Shout out to all the old school boys from GarageTitan!!!!



Name: Eric

Ride: 600RR

Occupation: IBM software Engineer

Year of birth: Sept 1984



Yoshi Carbon Fibre Exhaust

15t front sprocket



Edited by Rossi

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hey, i'll use this as an intro.

don't hate me, but as you can guess by the name i drive an exa :P i joined up in the event that i need to get some DET info, and also because i see a couple of the canberra guys driving around quite often, like danny, A31 Cefiro, CRB20T, etc. Plus NS.com has a cool off topic section :woot:


Name: Nick

Ride: '90 Exa

Main Location: Southside

Mods: CA18DET conversion, the usual bolt ons; pod filter, front mount cooler, hks BOV, boost controller, EMS ecu. Coilovers, 17s, etc.

Occupation: looking for a new one

Year of birth: '82


here's a pic, yes the chromies are gay, but i'm getting a set of works that will clear my coilovers without needing spacers, once i get back from my euro trip :)



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Hi Nick - any chance your car's currently at Gloss Refinishers?

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ah no, don't tell me there's someone paintin an exa up! haha paints probably the last thing on my list at the moment, i want to get the works wheels, then find a sports back, then get 200kw out of the ol' CA.

Edited by the exa

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Hey Nick cant say ive seen you but i always see this exa white with black bonnet but there is always a family in it and has a big NISMO sticker on the back windscreen.

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yeah i've seen you a couple of times parked near autobarn fyshwick, i've seen that exa before too. my bonnets carbon fibre though its a dodgy one i'll probably replace it later on.

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Sup guys,


I'm a long time browser, first time poster...


Name: Shane

Ride: 1999 S14 200SX

Main Location: Gungahlin


Exterior: vertex bodykit, exedy HD clutch, front mount, exhaust, bov, boost controller, 20 inch Dolce dc-4's, lowered (believe it or not lol)


Interior: Pioneer gear all round (splits, tv, rear speakers etc etc), apexi turbo timer, boost gauge

Occupation: full time smart arse

Year of birth: 1985

Interests: cars, music



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Name: Chris

Ride: 1991 180sx RB25det

Main Location: north canb

Mods: fully rebuilt forged rb25, front wount, custom gbox, alot more (but too much to remember!!)

Occupation: Graphic Design

Year of birth: 1986

Interest: drifting, andyhting with a motor in it!


this is my car im sure it as been here before but i have a new user now




Engine getting rebuilt



oran park. toyo nsw drift final round



Edited by RB25 180sx

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Name: Dan

Location: Belconnen

Car: 1993 Toyota Supra RZ aerotop 6spd

Engine: 2JZ-GTE

Brief mod list: TT 6spd full re-shell into aerotop body, HKS T51R KAI, Apexi PowerFC, Greddy 4-row intercooler, Apexi Super DUNK exhaust, Walbro twin in tank 550hp fuel pumps, SARD 1000cc injectors, SARD fuel reg, HKS top feed fuel rail, Jim Berry custom twin carbon clutch, Virtual Works intake manifold, Brembo F50 brake calipers, non intrusive upside down 3/4 cage, JIC strut brace, Simmons Alta 18's, Recaro SR3's in red suede, Battery relocation to boot, HKS EVC6, Tial 50mm BOV, PWR alloy radiator.

Built for: All rounder, street, track, drags

Status: Days away from having the harness repaired due to *richard cranium* ex-mechanic completely ruining it.

Achievements: 438rwkw@27psi.






Previous Cars: 83 corona, 92 fairlane ghia, 93 Supra RZ hardtop, 93 SZ Supra aerotop, 84 corona


Future cars(in addition to the Supra):

Dream list : S15 Varietta RB26 6spd conversion, IS200 3UZ twin supercharged conversion, JZX100 1.5J conversion, Mark X Tom's Special Edition (trend here being I don't like stock cars lol).


More realistic future daily: Try and get a personal import Crown Royal or Crown Athlete. Need a daily to be comfortable, roomy, RWD and Toyota reliability, unfortunately none of which are offered by the local Toyota lineup. I'm a fussy bastard and hard to keep happy :P


Edited by Sicarius123

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Your car is what I dream about at night Dan...

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Name: KOS! / Big willy

Ride: S13 Silvia

Main Location: Mexico / Kambah

Mods: See below :P

Occupation: IT Security Officer for Department of Finance (read: tell people no you cant have that)

Interest: Stealing things of Dusky007


Car is sick and shit, im currently building a SR20DE for it with big cams, higher comp, 80mm intake blah blah, should do 9s etc All the details are at www.driftpig.com




* SR20DE

* Advance Heatwrapped Extractors 4-2-1

* Custom 2+1/2" Catback exhaust system

* Glass Pack Peashooter Muffler

* Bosch 040 Fuel pump

* HKS Pod Filter

* Custom Cold Air Intake

* S15 Radiator

* One 12' and One 10' Craig Davies Thermo Fans On Custom Cowling

* Craig Davies Thermo Fan controller on switch

* Engine Damper

* Oil Catch Can

* Pivot Ground Kit

* B*EER Revlimitter


*_Driveline and Brakes_*


* R33 GTS Twin Piston Calipers

* 280mm Slotted DBA Rotors

* 2 Way Mechanical Diff

* Rear Subframe Spacers


*_Suspension and Wheels_*


* Tien HR coilovers

* Front and Rear Strut Braces

* Kazama Ajustable Castor Rods

* Tien Tie Rods

* Tien Tie Rod Ends

* Ajustable Rear Control Arm Bushes

* Re-Enforced Crossmember

* 17x7 and 17x8 Inch Rays / Volks Lightweight GT-P Rims

* Black Rays Light Weight Lock Nuts


*_Interior/Exterior and Other_*


* Trust Front Bar

* Nismo Plastic Side Skirts

* R32 GTR Passenger and Drivers Seats

* Pioneer Headunit

* 5x7 Cadence Front Speakers

* Focal Tweeters

* 6x9 JVC Rear Speakers

* 2x100 Watt Coustic Amp

* 300 Watt Pioneer Amp

* 12 Inch Boxed Pioneer Sub

* 8 inch Cadence Sub under passenger seat

* Levoc Shift Knob

* Drift Button

* Autogauge Water Temp Guage

* Dished Steering Wheel







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Name: Alex, qely

Ride: 94 180sx

Main Location: Queanbeyan.

Mods: 3" exhaust, engine is a stock sr20 black top.

Occupation: Chef

Year of birth: 86 im 21

Interest: cruise around for now, just bought my car :D im loving it, a step up from a stock gli lancer :P






Edited by qely

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