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BMW 5 Series

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thinkin of gettin a new daily and going something euro. had a look at a few cars and at the moment my weapon of choice seems to be the e39 5 series. Now, i have no experience with euro cars so could you guys point me in the right direction. Is it a good car ? What should i be looking at paying for a good one ? Are they reliable and how much is to maintain it ? Parts hard to come by (OEM as well as aftermarket?). Not looking to modify it aside from wheels, lower it, tint, subs and possibly just a new front bumper.


Also are they worth the extra cash over e34 series ?


edit: also which particualr model 5?? would you recommend ?


Any help is appreciated,




PS: watch n weep ;)



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Thats an E39 5er.. same as mine... which is for sale btw. ;) I've got the M5 kit and mass tint already too...


This car is TOTALLY worth the $$ over an E34. Totally.


Fantastically reliable. Costs the same to service my E39 as it did to service my E36 basically.


The Straight 6 or the V8... I wanted a V8. Could not justify the premium people are wanting for the 540i over the 535i, and the M5 wasn't an option at the time. With them, make sure the rear ball joints have been replaced, and if you're super lucky, see if you can't get one which has had the engine gaskets replaced... they will weep. They all do. Won't cause a major failure, but just drips oil otherwise.


KISIN, I get back next week, if you want, we can meet up and I can show you around mine, so you know what to look for if you're going to take a few out for a test drive.

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Depends what u want out of the car


the E39 is alot more of a cruiser, much smoother, and more equiped with bells and whistles


the E34 on the other hand is alot more raw, more of a drivers car, and believe it of not handles very well.. i got a mate, who has gone through about 3-4 E34's, including an M5.. he absolutly loves them.. he dosnt like the 39 as much


if go the 540 if u can,


the pic u posted is an m5.. well its got m5 front bar, m5 spripping and m5 mirrors



what state are u in


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hey guys thanks for the responses.


i had a look at a few 5's yesterday and they are an extremly nice car, but dont seem to fit in what i was looking for. Had a look at one 7 series and i think its perfect. Exectly what im looking for ( however a bit more pricey too :S ). Im fairly tall at 6"4 and i need a very comfy cruiser. the 5 feels real small ?


thanks for the offer karb. but if i go v8, its definetly a 7 then. Your car does look extremely sexy though :)


And yes, the pic in the first post is an actual M5.


BT1, im in SA.





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