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1UZFE1995 JZA80

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1995 JZA80 SZ-R Supra (PHNTOM)

SA, Adelaide based.

I bought the car back in November 2005 with the intention of not touching it at all. I was pissed off with the reliability issues of my previous cars because of being turbo and getting old so I decided to get a modern non turbo manual sports car. Body styles came down to a 3000GT (bit of a mitsi fan) a series 6 RX-7 or the supra. After organising a test drive in the supra I now own I was hooked. And it was the best I could find for the price.


1995 SZ-R

2JZG-E (3.0L)

5 speed manual W58

Factory Bilstein suspension.



So after selling my old Mitsubishi Starion (rego GADGET) I had some extra cash so I decided to get a stereo, so off I went to complete audio. I got an Alpine head unit, alpine splits, earthquake sub and amp. I thought I got a good deal at the time. While in complete audio I saw Leigh Peddlers (money pit) supra and saw how much better the front of a supra looks with glass headlights. So I went and ordered some from America. I also removed the factory rear spoiler. Looking at previous cars compared to the supra. The supra was actually worth spending money on. So I started gathering up a body kit from various places. (speedreamz, Adelaide underground, team jetspeed and carmate)Then by april 07 one thing lead to another and I found myself at the southern car show of Old School New age. The car came off the road for 8 months the following day. I stripped it, helped fit the kit then had it painted. It was going to be ford orange at one point. But 3-4 supras in Adelaide were all done that colour at the same time. So sold the paint off and decided for the purple with some extra red pearl you now see. I had also organised some new 19” chromies for it in that time. DAAT D53’s 10 inch wide rears. But they looked nothing like the ones in the catalogue I was shown at wheelworx but sick and tired of waiting I took them. I had also bought Karims (KRIMNL) scissor door hinge kit.





I was handed the keys about a week before Christmas of 2006 with the paint all finished by Steve’s body shop in Hackham (painted by Shannon). I then attended an SA supra cruise where I met George who at the time was running Adelaide Pro Sound. He sweet talked me into a good deal with a new speaker package and a boot install. From there I entered toyoshow, street machine show and shine, old school new age, extreme power fest, autosalon and mount gambier show and shine. At every show I won something except autosalon which is difficult anyway. At the end of 2007 I decided I had had enough of the scissor hinge kit and sold it off (now on a brown jza80). In that time I had scored some factory leather seats from George aka Bass / high impact. I had also changed my handbrake and gear knob to urban glow items.

So with no more changes in mind at that point I have not bothered entering a show. As a spectator I don’t like going to a car show and seeing the same cars over and over especially if they have not changed. So I didn’t feel the need to enter a show.

Late in 08 I went to Japan and bought some goodies from super Autobacs in Tokyo Bay. Junction Produce Fusa (I know it’s a VIP thing) 6” bubble gear knob, Rear window wiper deleter, LED bubble thing for the ciggy lighter. Just some corny japo stuff to remember the trip.






by the end of 2008 I had decided to look some more into swapping the engine for something with a bit more grunt. Since I have the power goal of 350kw at the wheels I would have to change the gearbox and get another engine. If I had a 2JZGTE I wouldn’t have changed that by any means. I didn’t like the idea of Turboing the NA engine. I like to be different with my cars but there is always gonna be someone who has done something similar before. I asked REVS for a quick quote on a 20B conversion after seeing the rotormaster 350Z, came back with a figure between 20-30k, now that would have been very unique but pricey initially. I decided to look more into the lexus v8 with future plans to put a decent turbo onto it and make 350kw at the wheels reliably. The v8 has a 6 bolt mains and is just as strong as the 2JZ. But comparing NA setup for NA. the v8 will have 25kw more and 3 times the torque of the NA 2J.


this Job has been given to Fours n More at Pooraka as they did the first one in SA and that experience is priceless. So the list goes as follows

lexus 1UZFE from a soarer (4.0L)

Bell housing from Dellows

Custom chromoly flywheel and carbon triple plate clutch to take over 350kw

R154 from a JZX90 chaser

2 odyssey batteries mounted behind the rear seat. (make room for turbo or turbo’s)

Engine bay painted satin black

Custom alloy radiator

Engine bay painted satin black





Everything is being done looking forward to a turbo setup down the track.

Future plans, find some decent wide jap wheels with plenty of dish and a coloured centre.

Maybe widen the body/flare a little to fit the rims.

Big brakes for some track days

Turbo Setup, something like a GT35/40 or a smaller twin setup.

and a few carboon highlights


Will be showing it again soon after nearly 2 years without a show and hopefully get some track days


Hope you like my write up and pics.


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hey man im not a fan of those front fenders. but nice audio install. how much are your lights costing as im after a set aswell. i like the 1UZ swap but checked out the figgours and after everything is engineered you may as well of gone a 2JZGTE (but i do understand why you did it). have a good one, stu

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headlights are around 700-1000 dependsing on exchange rate.


power wise. its making 150kw atw


in basic its an extra 20kw than the NA 2J and 3 times the torque.

the torque is very noticeable.


if i go turbo it would be easy to achieve 350kw atw. on average boost.

after getting the car back i'm kinda more tempted to push the NA setup, cams, exhaust, independant throttle bodies. the power, revs and response would be fun and still unique in its own right

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after getting the car back i'm kinda more tempted to push the NA setup, cams, exhaust, independant throttle bodies. the power, revs and response would be fun and still unique in its own right


Thought about the Lextreme centrifugal supercharger kit?




I know its not a "full" kit - but looking at your work i'm sure you're more than capable of making it work well :)

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