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Making Japanese SD Style Avatars

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Avatars : Japanese SD Styles


The japanese have long been into a drawing , and model making style called "super deformed" (SD)... when this relates to drawing people , it usually means the head and body are of equal size, and all defining characteristics are overly exxagurated..


For the purpose of this tutorial, we are talking about designing SD Cars, and how to create them from photos you have...


So first off lets start by grabbing a photo of a car you have and importing it into Adobe Photoshop.


Here is a picture of a sweet vertex Chaser MKII i found on my PC...


Start by using the selection tool and tracing around the whole car, and mag wheels....




next copy it and paste into a new document:



Increase the canvas size vertically by about double, then use the "free transform" tool
( edit -> transform -> free transform ) till you get the desired effect as below...


This is usually not the case but some cars can be a pain in the ass with transformation, as they look distorted in the wrong way.. (the soarer was like this) if this is the case, duplicate the car layer before transforming, and select different parts of the car to transform seperately then blend the different layers afterwards with the airbrush...

(ie. parts that can look "warped" are things like the bodykit & grille, the windows and roof, the bonnet)




After the car has been transformed you should proceed to select the wheel arches like in the picture below...
Once selected copy and paste them into a new layer..

This helps when trying out new wheels on the car...




To insert the new wheels onto the car, copy them from the original photo, and paste them in your new document in between the car layer, but below the wheel arch layer...


This will allow you to neatly tuck them in behind like in the pic below.... add shading as necessary, to simulate the shadow from the guards



Use the smooth and airbrush tools to flatten the panels and remove any reflections... this makes for a more cartoony look... Also adding tint and shading to the windows helps...


Use the brightness and contrast adjustments (image->adjust->brightness contrast) to enhance the lines of the car...


Finally shrink the image to 120X120 pix, and add any text or logos you want to fill the whitespace, and make sure you turn on transparency (matte set to very light grey-blue) , so you dont get any ugly white box around your image when it is used on the forum.

Saving as a 32-64 colour gif will result in a nice small, quick to load and good to look at avatar... similar to the one below...




Please note: NISSANSILVIA.com DOES NOT HOST avatars! dont ask us to! there is a post in the general section about people who are willing to host them...!


also I do not design avatars on request, so please dont ask...!



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how did u do the flashing lights on the crx lol? :)

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how did u do the flashing lights on the crx lol? :)

that would be animated gif's :D look nice, i'll have a go at this later today :P

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