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getting known

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hey guys,


ive been DJing for a while now and just wondering how you guys go about getting gigs at different venues and such? Ive aproached a couple places and asked them if they need anyone to DJ any time and have given them my number, but how do you guys go about it?


It doesent realy bother me to much not getting gigs caus im happy just playing he music for my own satisfaction but i also like to entertain people and it just makes the whole experiance more enjoyable when you can share it with others :P

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OK - This can be tough shit so I'll give you some pointers


1. Invest in Hair Gel, if your hair style isnt totally solid and shiney, then you're obviously not a DJ


2. Make sure *every* record you have is from Germany, all club / bar owners know that only germans can make good music, if you have any records from any other country, throw them out.


3. Pull out every name you can think of and say "oh yer i know that guy", that way you are cool by default and you must be good.


4. Make sure you have the latest fashion, no club or bar owners wants some out-of-date bogan making the music, so anytime you approach the owners or promoters you need to look the shiznit, I've found that pink shirts are very common among DJ's


5. Find your way to an afterparty and get wasted on pills, coke and meth - drugs are a great networking and no one will beleive you are a DJ if you dont take drugs so smash as many as you can find, also real DJ's dont smoke weed so avoid the weed.
















Alternatively, you can try and hit one of the open deck nights around the place, I know there is one at Alia? in Collingwood (VIC) which does open decks / open mic once a week.

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haha, im not in it for the image, just want to have some fun.



cheers :)

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