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Parts for Mazda FC3S. Bride seat on rail & 6 point cage

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For sale: As the add title says. Bride seat on bride rail to suit FC (S4/5) RX7. I think this is an Ergo or maybe Brix, it doesn't say anywhere on the seat that I can see?

Item Condition: In good condition, no tears at all. Slightly faded which is normal for a 2nd hand bride seat.

Price and price conditions: $650

Extra Info: Reclinable seat, all mechanisms and lock in latches work.

Will trade for S5 drivers seat plus cash adjustment, but must look the same as the one in the picture to match (see bottom of post and photos)


Have checked prices and the bride seat rails alone are $550 per pair. Most are selling for $200 each or thereabouts.



Same seats in similar condition are selling for $750 each (see example pics)





Pictures: See below

Contact Details: PM, post in this thread or call 0409 576 814

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up or delivery at buyers expense.










Drivers S5 seat that will be willing to trade for (plus cash).






For sale: Full 6 point roll bolt in roll cage for FC (S5/5) RX7

Item Condition: Very good condition. Still in the car.

Price and price conditions: $700 or near offer

Extra Info: No padding included, but can arrange padding at a wholesale rate if the buyer is interested. Aust road going standards requires that roll cage be padded in all places within 400mm from the driver and passengers (if required) heads.

It has modified securing points for extra strength unlike most other Japanese roll cages I have seen. In the front it not only has the bolting bracket on the floor but it goes up the side wall near the foot step for extra bracing.

Pictures: Will arrange for pictures later on today.

Contact Details: Please PM or post in this thread or you can call me direct on 0409 576 814

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up or can arrange delivery at the buyers expense.


Here you go fellas....sorry about the crap quality :? , looked alright on the phone when I took em.


Bar thickness 40mm



Floor bracing in the front passenger foot well



Drivers side view from the passenger side of car



Inside of the car. This car has a sunroof, but the switch for the motors has been removed. We were going to re-route the wiring and put a plate over it and run the switch elsewhere to still be able to use the electric sun roof. I have no idea why people persist to try find sunroof style roll cage at stupid prices?









Mounting points behind seat. Don't mind the rust its only surface rust and will clean up good with a wire brush and some gloss black. If your that worried about it I will do it my self after the cage has been taken out of the car.



Rear mounting points


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