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whyte's headlight kits for onevia's

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What you need:

3 or 4m of 8 figure wire (black & red joined together)

Momentary switch (on/neutral/off) - can be purchased from jaycar (refer to pics)


soldering iron & solder

electric tape

wire stripper

screw driver

some cable ties


total cost

if you got spare speaker wires lying around then you can use that just make sure you have enough, if not go to jaycar and get a roll of wire for like $4-$5


this kit acts as a full headlight up/down function and also sleepy eye (thats what the momentary switch is for so as soon as you let go of the switch, the headlight stops moving at the desired height - make sure the switch you get is a spring one so it pops back when you let go - look at the pic i uploaded and go to jaycar and get the same one)


splice the wires off the headlight motors (find pic & pin point the up and down) & join the wires together and tape up (best to solder it to be safe). to test that your motors are working, run a wire directly from the headlight motor to the +ve on your battery and it should go up or down depending which wire its tapped into on the headlight motor. UP - brown & DOWN - black/white or purple/white [pic]





run the wires into the cabin through the firewall opening. [pic]



on the switch, you should see markings 1,2,3 on one side and 4,5,6 or something on the other side.

1 should be UP and 3 should be DOWN. number 2 should be POWER [pic]

POWER: pin 2. run that through to a power wire in your car (find that yourself could be the deck or similar, make sure it is turned on when ignition is switched on) – Recommended to solder the wires here so its secure but I was in a hurry lol



mount the switch wherever you want or can do the same as me [pic] If its gonna be the same then on the right hand side (circled) you have to get a razor and shave it so the switch can fit in snuggly and tight.



make sure you hide the wires well so it doesnt look messy so use cable ties to neaten it up, you can wrap the wires up in black electric tape so it looks standard and stealth lol


The finished product



Enjoy the sleepy eye kit.. :D

Any problems feel free to msg me.

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1 switch per light if you want individual lights to move

the way i done is for both lights to move at the same time.

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thats sweet as whyte, how do you go about the angle of the headlight bulbs for the permanant style sleepy eyes? as a 45 degree lift of the headlights would be pointing almost strait down :P

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would most likely have to get new headlights like whats done on the aftermarket headlights for 180

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