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Jeremy Clarkson thinks "The new Audi S3 should have the Golf V6"

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On paper, then, this looks like a pretty good car. Lots of power, 0 to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds, a price tag of pound stg. 27,000 ($60,000). And because Audi makes its cars, in my opinion, more beautifully than any other car maker in the Western world, there's very little chance that the children of Melvyn will be left at the side of the road, unwilling and unable even to open the bonnet.


Unfortunately, though, all is not sweetness and light. The biggest problem for me is the engine. It's not very nice. It's harsh when you rev it, and there's far too much turbo lag when you don't.


And it's not like they were stuck for something thrusty and powerful to give this sporty car some extra oomph. Why didn't they go for the V6 currently used in the Golf R32? And even more strangely, why not the exquisite, light and compact V8 from the RS4?

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