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fitting a GKtech boss kit & D1 dish steering wheel

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hey guys, i serached the forums about hicas and non hicas boss kit and a few ppl said they had problems with the GKTech boss kits not fitting cause of the HICAS tabs on the steering columnnot letting the boss kit sit flush. (refer to pics)

here is a step by step guide to fitting the boss kit and with the horn still functioning as well.


i purchased the boss kit from GKTech & the steering wheel of a fellow ns.com member (thanks pete!)


time: 20minutes


1. take off the horn button, i used a flathead screw driver here to make things a lil easier. just stab it in gently and pry it out slowly (becareful here not to damage the steering wheel or horn button)

do it once on top,bottom, left & right and then just use your hands and pull it out from here.



2. disconnect the plug from the back of the horn. theres a lil flap on it that you just push down and slide it out, dont try and lift it up or else it might break the flap.



3. now you should be able to see a nut which is 19mm. grab a 19mmsocket + ratchet & extension and take off the nut. dont take it completely off as this will save the wheel hitting your face later. leave it on about 1-2turns or so.



4. grab your socket (or a rubber mallet or something to smack the steering wheel with) and hit the top, bottom, left & right sides of the steering wheel. give it a good hit to loosen it up a bit. now wiggle it on all sides and as your are wiggling it, pull towards you. now lucky the nut is still here otherwise if it wasnt it would've smacked you in the face. dont be afraid to use some force here as it might be a bit of a task to get the wheel free.


5. now grab your boss kit, it should of came with 2 lil metal rods/pins. these are for your indicators to click back automatically.

put them in the holes on the back of the boss kit (in blue squares).

with the boss kit, it will come with the earthing point (circled in red) - this is where ppl have troubles with. cause if you leave the ring on, it will hit the hicas tabs on the steering column. just take the circle plate off (circled in red) as you wont be needing it. poeple have removed the hicas tabs to fit the circle ring but then the horn doesnt work after. what i did was left the hicas tabs, removed the circle ring and everything worked fine.



6. now on one of the hicas tabs it will have a black plug coming off it (which connected to the standard wheel horn) just slide this through the hoel on the side of the boss kit as you will be needing this for your horn.

as you are putting the boss kit on, make sure you line the indicator rods/pins (in blue) with the appropriate holes on the steering column. refer to pics (in blue squares) make sure you dont force it in as it may bend the indicator rods and damage the plastic grooves on the steering column.

just wiggle it around and it will eventually fall it in smoothly.



7. Now put the 19mm nut back in and tighten back up. make sure its not too tight or else it could damage the boss kit and may cause it to crack.



8. Grab the horn button and on the back there should be to male connectors. connect the black plug (which you put thru the side of the boss kit) to one of them. the other one just grab a female connector crimped onto a wire and connect that up. as for the other end of this wire, just screw it into somewhere metal (the main 19mm bolt, between the boss kit & steering wheel or just get stick tape and tape it down to the inside of the hub.

grab a allen key (should be provided with the GKTech boss kits) and place the steering wheel on the hub. make sure you weave the black plug thru the hole of the wheel and then just grab the screws provided and tight the wheel to the hub.

make sure you do it tight so it doesnt come loose.

every now and again, just take out your allen key and check to see if the screws are still tight..



9. once the wheel is on firmly, push in the horn button so it clicks into place (depend on your steering wheel, you may have a metal ring to hold the horn in place - in my case, i just had to push it into place)

take it for a test drive to see if everythings okay.

you are now finished. enjoy your new steering wheel :D


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