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Painting your calipers

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Painting your calipers



Stiff Wire brush

Brake Cleaner

1 Can of desired colour Spray Paint
*heat resistant paint as it will last a lot longer

1 Can of Spray on clear coat.

Some clean rags.


Masking tape.

Thin cardboard.



Obviously, remove the wheel so you can get to everything first. Jack it up and use either some bricks or axel stands as a backup in case the jack fails. *note that for this technique, the calipers do not need to be removed.


Before you start, shake your paint and clear coat cans vigourusly for at least a minute before use. Its also advisable to give them a quick shake each time before you start spraying.

    [*] Use the wire brush to clean as much of the rust off the calipers and inner brake hub as possible. Use the brake


    [*]cleaner and rags to wipe the powdered dust off. The cleaner you get the surfaces the better. You may even wish to sand the outside of the calipers lightly to get them smooth. Make sure you clean all the dust off all surfaces to be painted.


    [*]Once the calipers are clean, time to mask everything off that you dont want covered in paint. Use masking tape and newspaper to cover everything in the region that may accidently get sprayed. At this stage, I covered the shocker, the brake disk, break lines etc.


    [*]You can now begin to spray them. Start off with very thin coats. The first few coats will not stick very well and will not completely cover the surfaces. Dont attempt to correct this, just give it a smooth thin coat, allow it to dry for around 5 minutes, and then give it another coat. I gave mine 5-6 coats. Dont spray it enough to allow the wet paint to run. If it starts to run, you've got problems. Allow it to dry before you try and fix them. The best way to fix it is to allow it to dry, sand it back and start again. Anything else will probably make it worse.


    [*]When the final coat is touch dry, (maybe 10 minutes) start spraying it with the clear coat. Give good coated thin layers. Give about 5 minutes between each coat. About 5 - 6 coats will be ideal. The clear coat will give a good closs over the paint and help protect the paint.


    [*]Do the hubs at the centre of the disk. I painted mine "Mag Wheel Silver" What I did was cut the side of a coke carton to mask the contact (shiny) part of the disk and held it there while I sprayed. I covered the caliper with newspaper. Repeated the same steps as with the calipers. Dont be too worried if small amounts of paint get onto the contact part of the caliper, simply because it will be cleaned off from the contact of the brake pads.


    Once finished with the paint and clear coat cans, hold them upside down and spray them for 10 or so seconds, to remove any paint from the nozzle that would otherwise dry and clog.


    Done properly, this will take a long time. Dont attempt it if you are going to be rushed. The more time you take, the better it will look. Dont buy your paint from cheap as chips, because thats what the result will look like.


    For pics go to: http://roman.nissan200sx.org/200sx_brakes/index.htmlS13_Han38132.6726273148


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