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S15 swap no fuel pump

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Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help. 


Mom currently fitting an S15 SR20DET from an australian car into a 510. I’ve gone over and over my wiring to find a fault.

All of the power wires are connected 

36 - ignition power (checked)

46,109 - battery power (checked)

38,47 - power from ECM relay (checked)

4 - trigger seems to be operating the relay fine

6,13,39,48,107,108,116 are all earthed. 


Ive gone through the list of wire pin outs at the ECm and checked each wire individually. All of the wires that I can check without the engine running are within spec except for

7 - 12.1v (data link approximately 0.0v)

15 - 0.00v (data link 3-9v) 

28 - no wire

106 - flashes 0.7v for a split second and goes to 0.00v (fuel pump relay 0-1.0v for one second after turning ignition on. More than one second after turning ignition on 11-14v) I found I had to move 106 to 104 for a JDM ECU, so I did that and the result is the same.


i have tried to check it with a scan tool, but I’m guessing due to no voltage at the data link, it’s not talking to the scanner.


are there any other wires that need to be swapped going from ADM to JDM ECU?

is there a way of checking if the ECU is actually JDM?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 






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