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Joining the squad with my s15

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Hi guys.

I have owned my s15 for almost a year now and am finally joining the forum.

I am looking to start up a Youtube channel for Vlogs/Tutorials I will start posting some around here soon too! Not that some of the veterans here need the help, but i hope i can reach some people who are new and who are looking for some help!

Please feel free to give me some constructive feedback if you feel it's necessary, i love learning myself and sharing the knowledge around.

Thanks guys! P.S. The Channel is called Zapp&Crew.

I'm still growing so i don't have my own youtube link with the name but you can find us here --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnaQ_AaKIV9qiPnqTutqhJg


P.s.s. Would just like to clarify if i am allowed to advertise my Youtube channel in my sig? Thanks



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Yo Zapp! How's the s15 going? My one looks exactly like yours bro. What wheels you running?

my s15 rear 2.png

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