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Nissan Cima GF50 XL

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2001 Nissan Cima.
VK45DD motor, auto, 110 *** kms

Car just came off defect so is 100% stock, and currently has halogen globes in the headlights as Regency didn't like the factory fitted HID's. All the wiring, ballasts and so on to put the HID's back in will come with the car (easy to put back in, two plugs on each side plus swap the globes and the HID's are back in again).

- 100,000 service done by Nissan dealership, 110,000 service also done by Nissan dealership (have the receipts & list of work done etc).
- New front LCA's, fan belt, power steering belt & power steering feed hose in the last 10,000.
- 3 months rego put on it as of today (30.03.19)

- One tail light has a small crack in it.
- Passenger mirror folds in a little too far, has left small dent in chrome trimming strip at the bottom of the window
- Wipers only wipe once on 'intermittent' setting. All other wiper functions operate as per normal. Have a spare wiper stalk, haven't gotten around to putting it in yet, i'm assuming it's just a short in the stalk and/or plug.
- There are a couple of small paint blemishes on bonnet and drivers side A-pillar that are noticeable if the light is on the right angle.

Overall the car presents well. It's basically like driving a velour couch. Isn't actually too bad on fuel for a V8 (I've been getting about 11.5L/100 in normal traffic too and from work in the time I've daily'd it). Looks different, turns a few heads. It has a whole bunch of little features as is typical of jap high end sedans, and as is also typical, most of them are 100% useless here in Australia other than for use in my cars dick is bigger than your cars dick competitions.

Car currently looks how it is in the obvious stock photo, ie; stock suspension & wheels. BC coilovers (that have done under 5000km's) and the Weds Kranze LXZ wheels (19x9 +18 & 19x10+9) can come with upon price negotiation, otherwise I'll sell them seperately.

Contact via PM or text (0431-622-600). Located Southern suburbs Adelaide.





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