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The most important muscle building video you will watch

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Here it is. It's very simple to cross reference and corroborate what this video says both with your own experience. An important aspect is joint preservation. Think about the years ahead and how your joints will wear over time.

I thought about my own father having hip replacement at age 82 - now he's 85 and the last 3 years haven't been fun for him at all. I thought about Ronnie Coleman and how even after $2m of surgery he now can't walk. Of course I'm cherry picking and I'm building a case to justify training with light weights - however there have been periods where I have accidentally done this type of training and it had been very successful. I also did a lot of german muscle training for a while which, in fact, mimicks the lighter weight scenario talked about in this video.

Knowledge is the key. They provide the tools for you to create something for yourself. This video contains some gold. I hope you all profit from it.




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Interesting video, thanks. I have my own home gym and I don't go to the fitness center so often now. My class schedule is 4 times a week. It’s quite difficult when drying is going on, so I add special products for the bathroom so that my muscles recover faster - https://purekana.com/products/eucalyptus-cbd-bath-bomb/  I do not plan to participate in competitions so I can take a break for a week to recover.

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I did not encounter the problem of excess weight and I did not learn about the effect of CBD oil in this direction. I had a slightly different health problem - it is insomnia. It was really hard for me, so I went to the doctor and he advised me to order oil on the Blessed website. It really helped me very quickly.

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