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Hi all, recently fitted a 10" NPC clutch and flywheel to my S15 which has a S14 5 speed. Having a lot of trouble getting enough throw to disengage the clutch properly.

Things I've tried so far:

1. adjusted the pedal and master push rod all the way. This JUST gives it enough throw when the pedal is bottomed out to disengage the clutch enough to very firmly push the car into first. However, adjusting the pushrod so far completely removes the free play from the top of the clutch which is not good.

2. braided lines from master cylinder to slave.

3. reverse and vacuum bled the system, pedal feel is quite firm

4. replaced the factory slave cylinder with a Nismo one, this actually reduced the throw a little bit due to the bigger bore size and made it worse

5. replaced clutch fork, fork pivot, release bearing and spigot bush while the box was out

6. inspected the pedal bracket for cracks but couldn't see any. Where do they typically appear?

I figured that the only other thing to try was a different clutch... I put a spare exedy clutch in and it's now disengaging and shifting normally. Has anyone had experience with these clutches? Do they require a larger clutch master cylinder in order to get enough throw to disengage correctly?

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Cracks will appear on the spot welds that hold the clutch pedal bracket together (on the pedal bracket)

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You probably wont be able to see ant cracks on the spot welds when you don’t have the pedal engaged and the welds pretty much just split apart. However push down on the clutch and the entire bracket will bend like a banana if the welds are blown. Fun fact - Replacing the bracket is a surprisingly painful. Good luck.

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