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R32 GTR Diff and 6 Speed 350Z gearbox in S13

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My son has a S13 with ABS and an auto gearbox.  He has bought a 6 speed 350Z gearbox with adapter plate and a R32GTR diff.

So far all that has been done is remove the old stuff.  I had a look at fitting either of them today and found out the Diff fits nicely because of the different rear on it but the bolts at the front will not fit as they are not long enough as the GTR diff has some long metal pipe bits held in with rubber rather than just a hole though the diff.  I also noticed the old diff has some sensor which after using Google I worked out is the 3rd sensor for the ABS.  So the options I see are

1, buy longer bolts to bolt the front on, or cut the metal pipe bits level with the diff so the old bolts work. 

2, unplug the ABS sensor and just hope the car is happy.  I assume ABS is happier with 3 sensors but would it work with just the front wheel sensors?  Or maybe remove the whole ABS system from the car, is that legal?

3, Don't bother with the GTR32 diff and just re-fit the old diff seeing it is from a late model SR20 and is a LSD so better than my old CA18 Diff.


Regarding the gearbox he has the adapter plate screwed onto the back of the engine but the 350Z gearbox seems to have less front shaft than I would expect.  Measuring the distance from the clutch springs to the back of the engine and then from the gearbox to the clutch release bearing I expect the bearing to be less than a mm away from the clutch springs which seems pretty close to me and I am worried it might even be touching once all assembled which I assume is bad.  So how close are these things generally?  I would have thought there should be some kind of gap.


Also has anyone fitted a 350Z gearbox in a S13.  The gearbox, adapter plate and propeller shaft came out of a S14.  Does the S14 have a larger transmission tunnel or if it fitted in a S14 then it should fit in a S13?




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