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Steroid Talk Rules and Regulations

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The following is an extension to the rules at: http://www.nissansilvia.com/rules



1. Source posting is not allowed


Source posting is the practice of referring users to a steroid source or supplier by name or via email address in any way. This rule is to protect good and reliable sources from getting busted, as well as to protect member from breaking the law by openly discussing how to purchase steroids.


1. Discussing sources and their practices. If you have dealt with a source and are discussing his ways of conducting business or shipping your post will be deleted, and you will be disciplined (suspended). If you receive a temporary suspension, and violate this rule another time you will be permanently suspended, and your IP address will be blocked from the forum.


2. Source advertising. If you are a source, you may not openly advertise on these boards. You also may not PM (private message) members advertising your services. Doing so is illegal. Sources who violate this rule will be banned, and their IP address may be publically posted for the authorities to investigate.



2. Do not ask for sources


This is for the protection of both members and the forum. Anyone failing to adhere to this will have their posts deleted, and account will be suspended. No warnings given. After such a post you become a threat to this board.



3. Soliciting members of this forum via PM, offering to sell or purchase illegal compounds is *not* allowed under any circumstances.


If you get such a PM, please forward it to a moderator. The steroid topics have been established for informational use only. It is not here for you to find a source or to sell your steroids. Breaking the above rule is not tolerated: you will swiftly and permanently be suspended and the proper authorities will be contacted.

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