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s13 head package options in sydney

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I got the following machine work done on my S13 head.


- Chemical Cleaned

- Pressure Tested

- Crack Tested

- Ported

- Polished

- Manifolds Matched

- Removed Quench Pads

- Decked

- Enlarged Valve Ports


Only thing I can suggest is to be careful on how much you have the head faced/decked. I've had too much taken off and currently running at 200psi compression on all cylinders. Worked out to about 10.1:1 ratio. Was running 23psi in it (crazy fun to drive), recently had it retuned to 14psi (not so fun anymore) and was told it's a merical I didn't blow the engine up. It also proved difficult to tune and make any decent power out of it on 98ron without it knocking. Now looking at getting another standard head and have the same work done to it except keep the compression as low as possible so I can run more boost in it again. Just thought I'd share my story so your mindful and don't make the same mistake.

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