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Not exactly new, but Hello for the first time :)

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Hi guys, LJ here from the Netherlands.


33yrs old and drive an EUDM S14 Zenki. I've been on this forum for years, but never really posted anything. Just collecting information for my build and picking up tips and tricks along the way.


I'm known on many of the known forums (zilvia, sr20, sxoc), but thought I'd reach out to this forum as well as it's provided me so much information in the past.


My build is a completely built S14 block from the ground up and stick a sr16ve head to it.

Block is being machined at the moment, should be coming back from the machine anytime now. The exterior of the car hasn't changed much apart from wheels and some low. I'm the type that rather invests into the drivetrain and suspension instead of the exterior... As I'm also learning to drift, it's probably going to get bumped here and there. So until then, I'm not sticking any expensive exterior parts onto my car :)


Well, hope to get to know u guys some more and hopefully i'll be able to provide u with some usefull information as well.


Cheers, LJ

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