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Hey guys,

Have just joined up and thought I'd share my Silvia.

It is a spec r and has been an on going project for a while which I still have a thousand and one things to do, but is now driveable and

on the street. In the first weekend of February, I dropped her up to DVS Jez at Somersby so he could work his magic on it. A week later,

the tune was done and he had it running like a million bucks. The next step is to get a wheel & tyre combo that is going to work.


Long term plans are to have a daily driven car, that I can also have some fun with on the track. Once I get some time and the weather

clears up, I will get some better pictures. Thinking something along the lines of a 18x9.5 +12ish with Federal 595rsr's for my wheel setup.

Have never been on the track before, what do people recommend for good tyre's?


Mod List includes:

Built RB26 out of an R33 GTR

272 cams, forged pistons

GTX3582R on a 6boost

50mm External Gate

Haltech Platinum Pro

3Ltr surge tank w/ twin 044's

33 GTR F&R Brembo's






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S15 with RB26, great combination, but the heavy cast iron block sort of ruins the great chassis balance of the original lightweight SR20/S15 that makes it an awesome car. But still a nice conversion. With tyres don't piss around with the cheapest, alot of people say there isn't any difference between Nankang/federal compared to a dearer tyre like Yokohama Advan, that's crappy the Advan's will out perform the cheaper tyres in terms of grip and longevity.

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