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SR20 shit for sale

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Got an SR20 build on the go at the moment but losing interest in it quick so if i can move it on for a decent price i will.


SR20 N/A block from an s13, has oil drain for turbo, bores measured and within factory spec, been hydra blasted so looks brand new

Head has also been completely cleaned, oil clearances checked and everything is within spec

Havent measured crank yet but doesn't have any noticeable score marks, 60,000ks on engine and lived its life as an N/A

Has forged rods either eagle or spool cant remember, with ARP rod bolts

ARP head studs

Aftermarket think wall stainless steam pipe manifold

LS1 coil pack conversion with bracket

Tomei rocker arm stoppers


Quick run down on approx what i want for individual parts:

Rods $300

Headstuds $150

Head with rocker arm stoppers $150

LS1 coil packs with bracket $50

Manifold $250

Or take the lot for $600, basically needs rings, bearings, headgasket and water pump.

If you don't have money please don't bother messaging, ive been out of the nissan game for a long time so if my prices are way out of line i apologise :)

0427979096 is the best way to contact me as I'm not on here a lot anymore













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