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Playstation Experience 2016 conference

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Lots of announcements from the Playstation Experience 2016 conference.


The live stream is in progress so more updates to come.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy announced (A standalone expansion to Uncharted 4)



A new trailer for Gran Turismo Sport



Last Of Us: Part II announced (This time player's control Ellie as the main character)



A new trailer for Hideo Kojima's latest game, Death Stranding released in 4K


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Gran Turismo doesnt handle or look as good as Forza.


There is a few wtf moments in that gt trailer where the cars look like they are floating, and none of them are moving fast enough to seem like they are doing the speed they should be.

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I've always found that to be an issue in GT games. There's no sense of speed at all.

Driving something like the P1 or La Ferrari in Driveclub you did feel like you were really moving.

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