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Recruitment Agencies around Sydney

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Hi guys,


Just trying to expand on my job searching as its not going so great looking for a job suited to my qualification's, does anyone have good agencies to join whether it be temporary work or permanent?


I land in Sydney just before the new year and will be looking for work as soon as possible.


I am a automotive design engineer but I will be willing to do any job on a temporary basis until I find my way around the big old city and find a career that is suited to me.


Any help will be massively appreciated.




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from experience that is a really shitty time to be looking for work and most places arent looking to hire around then.


having said that, I got really lucky and interviewed somewhere on xmas eve, second interview on the 7th, then started on 25th this year. timing sucked as i was on holidays over xmas with the GF but what can you do.


You would probably be better off emailing the bigger tuning shops around sydney to see if they need someone - so much of that industry is word of mouth that jobs probably dont even make it to advertise let alone recruiters. plus with holden and ford shutting up shop in the next 12 months you arent gonna have much luck in any BIG business unless you can design cool cars (which is what they are keeping the aus Ford guys around for)

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Yea its not the best time and cant see me being in work before the end of January but that might not be a bad thing...


I have been researching some tuning shops, there's some really good info on here to be fair!


So far I have contacted, GKTech (I know they are in Melb, and they replied they aren't looking for another designer anyway), TurboSmart who was advertising for a design engineer but obviously they are looking for someone now so bad timing. Also emailed Croydon Racing as my mate got offered a job there but I had no reply.


Will be looking around the Sydney Motor Sport Park area when I get there as I notice a few engineering places around there so imagine that's the main automotive/motorsport engineering area.


Shit about Ford and Holden shutting up, I actually design parts for Ford, we do engine components btw so don't design cool car exterior's.


Theres always a few Ford plants in Melb (and Brisbane I believe) so I am sure I could land a job there pretty easily but I am not too keen on living in Melb.


Cheers for the reply mate.

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