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Rachet & Clank

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Rachet & Clank PS4 remaster has come out in the US and about to launch here. It's getting very good reviews and will also tie-in with the Rachet & Clank movie that is coming to cinemas.


Below is a run down of all the extras that the PS4 version includes, PS4 trophy list and a review round up.





- Playstation 4 remaster of the original Rachet & Clank game.

- Price: 55AUD, 28GBP, 40EUR, 40USD, 50CA

- Release Date: EU/AU 20/4/2016, UK 22/4/2016, NA 12/4/2016


New features exclusive to the Playstation 4 remaster

- New planet locations

- New bosses, flight sequences and Clank gameplay

- Improved graphics and special effects

- An hour of new cinematic sequences including footage from the Rachet & Clank film


Review Roundup


IGN - Review Score - 9/10

Insomniac has a superb penchant for wacky, satisfying weapons that it’s displayed in games like Resistance, Sunset Overdrive, and past Ratchet games, and here it is just as pronounced as ever. Whether it’s the Pixelizer that turns enemies into a pile of voxels, or the iconic Mr. Zurkon, whom you can once again summon to blast away enemies while delivering a slew of cheesy '80s action cliches, it’s a weapon lineup that’s full of visual surprises and humor.


Aside from their variety and originality, I absolutely love the upgrade system at play here. Weapons level up as you use them, which rewards your specific play-style in a meaningful way. At the same time, I wanted to see how other weapons would similarly grow, which encouraged me to experiment with weapons I might normally pass on. Each gun also has a modifier grid you can slowly flesh out, which give you active aids like increased width for a flamethrower, or passive ones like a higher chance of item drops. I found myself playing Ratchet for "just one more hour" not only to make it to the next planet, but also because I became mildly addicted to growing and upgrading my arsenal.


TheSixthAxis - Review Score - 10/10

Based on the forthcoming film which was in turn based on the original game, the story here is roughly the same as it was fourteen years ago. It actually makes use of over twenty minutes of the movie as cut scenes, but instead of a simple remake, Insomniac have raided the entire history of the franchise and created a Ratchet & Clank remix with elements from the later games. You’ll see the return of Clank puzzle sections, dogfights, and the Discotron weapon, all of which have been merged into this origin story.


But this tale is told from a slightly different perspective. The game opens with Captain Qwark banged up in prison, only to discover from his new cell mate that there is a holo-game of the holo-movie of his adventures – a very funny nod to the real world. He decides he will tell his own version of Ratchet’s tale, and it’s this version of the story that you play, complete with in-game narration from Qwark.



Playstation Lifestyle - Review Score - 8.5/10

Ratchet and Clank has been a PlayStation staple for 14 years. When the original debuted in 2002, it was lauded as one of the best platformers on any console at that time, and Insomniac’s penchant for a massive arsenal of insane weapons and tons of collectibles and unlockables made it a game that fans loved to play and replay. 10 console titles, two handheld games, and one HD collection later, and Insomniac has decided that the best way to carry the Ratchet and Clank legacy forward is by going back to the beginning and starting over.


There’s always a fear with reboots — or rather, re-imaginings, as Insomniac is inclined to call this one. Will it be faithful enough? Will it change enough? Where is that perfect balance to adequately bring it forward to today’s standards while not letting it lose any of what originally made it great. Insomniac experimented with a lot of ideas over their tenure with the Lombax and his robot pal. Some were hits, and others missed the mark, most notably All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault which changed a lot of the core elements of the series. Into the Nexus was a fair attempt to restore the series to glory, but was all to short, feeling more like a teaser than a proper return to form.



Gamespot - Review Score - 8/10

There’s a generous offering of gadgets as well, including a modification that turns Clank into a jetpack and the Tresspasser device that grants Ratchet access to new areas through a hacking minigame. Items are arguably more important than the weapons, since a majority of each level is built to utilize different combinations of the items Ratchet has collected. In an effort to streamline the process, necessary items are automatically equipped to Ratchet via interaction points in each level, allowing you to focus on building up your weapon upgrades and tinkering with the guns that best suit your play style.

As a bonus, there are benefits to backtracking to older levels and using newfound items to gain access to previously unavailable areas. Although it maintains the same tight and restricted environments of its predecessors, there’s a great deal of verticality, hidden elements, and side objectives in each level to lend players more content to dig through.

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