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Jaycar Speedo corrector compatible with Nissan speed sender ?

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No idea.


I ended up ordering a Dakota Digital speed sensor from the states. Will update on how I go. My speedo is currently running at about half though.


There is a how to here:


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Any updates for this? Or is it just not gonna work. 


I've tried and failed,   the lk1,  and lk2 positions did not pick up any thing 

I could get 2 flashes on the led when I selected F on s2,  but that's about it

Also I noticed that lk3 seemed to. Match my voltage on the in put, 

While lk4 & 5 seemed to give me a 5 &  8 voltage out put. 


But yeah got the car in pieces now so if any one figured out something plus advise,   

Or should I just try get the dakota one

(I have a sr20 with an rb25 box) 


ended up just getting the DAKOTA digital one, works perfect!

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