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Datalogging engine sensor data

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I have been trying to choose between using the available DIN slot in my S15 for a 7" LCD double DIN head unit, or a triple set of gauges. I recently had the idea that I could use some spare inputs on my techedge wideband for a couple of sensors and have that info displayed on the techedge LCD module. Which means I get my gauges (well sort of) and the 7" LCD head unit as well. I also get to datalog the sensors on track days as an added bonus.


For oil pressure I can just get a VDO style sender off eBay which outputs 3-160 ohms for 0-10 bar (it is very roughly linear - good enough for oil pressure anyway).


For boost/vac I can get a Delco style 3 bar pressure sensor off eBay with a very linear 0 to 4.9V output.


However I am not sure what to use for oil temperature sensing. I have gone over the Tridon coolant sensor catalog many times, but the main issue is I don't know what resistance or how linear they are. I have seen some temp senders on eBay that claim to be compatible with most temp gauges, but have yet to find any detailed info on them.


So my question is whether anybody has used a readily available sensor in a custom application before and what they managed to find out about it.

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Your best bet is to get your gauge and use a gauge tester on it.

That tells you what the correct reading is at what resistance etc

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