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RB25 gearbox with SR20 cut and shut bell housing + billet 3rd gear selector Sydney

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For sale is a rb25 5 speed with sr20 bell housing fitted and steel 3rd gear selector fork.


Bell housing was built be Eleventen Engineering in Adelaide. Check him out of Facebook he does heaps of these bell housings. I chose Eleventen because they use a proven jig to make sure everything lines up right.


The box also has a aftermarket 3rd gear selector fork fitted, also built by Eleventen. This is a steel fork which replaces the week original alloy one.


Comes with clutch fork, and specially modded thrust bearing carrier which aligns the box to the correct height for a Sr20 clutch. No shifter (pick up a rose jointed short shifter from eBay).


This is one tough box for your Sr20 powered ride.


Box is located in Beacon Hill near Dee Why on Sydney's lower northern beaches.


$2300 represents good value - $1500 for rb box+ $150 sr bell housing + $500 for conversion + $$$ for labour + $$$ for billet selector.

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Hey mate I'm interested in the gearbox.. Give me a text or something on 0433544406

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