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Brian Fantana666

Cheap focal speakers or expensive pioneer speakers. (actually same price)

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Hi I don;t know much about car audio other than i bought some cheap fusion speakers cause they sounded good in store. Then sounded awful when i installed them in girlfriends car. Bass was too sharp and mids sounded shit.

So i'm going to try again. i'm going to try either the 2 way Focal 165 AC or the 2 way Pioneer TS-D160R. So was wondering if theres general concensus on which would be better. I know your supposed to just listen to them but iv'e lost faith in that.

Thanks for any opinions.

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compare specs then?


The focals have a higher sensitivity (92dB vs 90 for the pioneer) but the pioneers claim to have a wider range (30hz to 32khz as opposed to the 60-20k for the focals)


ignore the power handling rating as its usually PMPO not the RMS wattage (most 6.5" speakers handle up to 60w, most head units do 25w per channel RMS)


a 6.5" speaker is gonna have trouble getting down to 30hz. that is sub territory well and truly.



Its going to depend on what you listen to and how loud you want to listen to it. the focals are gonna be much louder than the pioneers, but if the pioneers do what they claim, they will have nice bass response (i find this very hard to believe however)


the focals are a fibreglass frame, the pioneer is aluminium. if weight was an issue this is important but ultimately shouldnt affect sound too much.


Personally, I would probably go the focals, depending on the price. I am really skeptical if you can get a 6" speaker thats hitting 30hz and not sounding like shit.

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