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Epic Type X part out

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parting out my type x , starting this weekend. can send interstate. Otherwise pickup from archerfield BNE








Ph: 0414539703


type x tail lights - $600

type x centre panel between rear lights and bottom beaver panel - $70

type x oem rear pods with fibrelgass centre valance $250

Type x oem wing $250

Raybrig headlights (super clear lens) $200


s13 aero mirrors gktech $40

s15 passenger seat $150


GT2871R 0.86 rear with lines $500

D-max low mount tubular manifold (ceramic coated) $300

40mm alloy radiator $150

z32 afm REAL $150

Nistune (s14 ser1) $450

s14 highflow injectors $200

walbro 250lph intank $100

SR20 oil cooler kit, comes with everything but the engine block plate (all speedflow and aeroflow lines/fittings) $350

Intercooler kit, stainless piping by Fabulous suit s14/s15 and s13s with vvt sr motors $400

Chasebays power steering cooler kit (google it) $250

s13 exhaust sr20, china dump pipe front pipe and custom blast pipes $250


s13 manual tailshaft $150

s14 5 spd gearbox $400

sr20 used heavy duty clutch $200

2 x sr20 front crossmembers $50


BC RM s13 coilovers $650

s13 non hicas subframe with pbm risers $250

Nismo s14 lower control arms been cut to extend but never finished $50

Gktech knuckle kit $550 (suit) s13/14/15


17x9 VS XX's +20 with KU31 215/40/17s (plenty of tread) $1200

18x10 VS XX +15 with 235 40 18s and 50% tread $1100

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damn nice looking 180 man, wish i had some spare coin laying around for some bits and pieces :cry:

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Don't happen to have the standard type x steering wheel do you?

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sorry no stock steering wheel, if it aint listed its not for sale!

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