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ADM T28 Information. BB or not?

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Basically ALL t28's for ADM s14/15 use the following part no's:

Jap PS13 14411-50F00

AU/NZ S14 (pre-facelift) 14411-75F00

AU/NZ S14 (facelift) 14411-75F00

Jap S14 (pre-facelift) 14411-69F00

Jap S14 (facelift) 14411-82F01

Jap S14 (Autech/270R) 14411-RP801 (Same as S15 early MT turbo)

Jap/ NZ S15 (early*) 14411-91F00 Manual model only

Jap/ NZ S15 (early*) 14411-69F00 Automatic models


Jap/ NZ/ AU S15 late* 14411-75F00 Same as NZ S14 and same for both Auto and manual

Also here is a letter from Nissan, Cust relations:

With reference to your inquiry about turbos, we advise the following: S14 & S15 use the same turbo, which is a Garret T04B, with "plain bush" type bearing.  Roller bearing turbos are only on Japanese domestic model.  I trust this satisfies your inquiry.



Val Davis (Mrs.)

Mgr - Customer Relations

Nissan Australia

ph 03 9797 4111

fax 03 9797 4408


The auspec s14/s14a/s15 all came with the same turbo, which is a plain bush bearing turbo (derived from the part numbers, calling the Nissan engineers and turbo workshops such as ATP and AVO.) There were a handfull of t28BB that did infact come in the s14a and s15,but they were lucky pics.

Also the turbo workshops i spoke to mentioned that no t28 they have pulled from an ADM s14/s14a/s15 has been BB.

So auspec S14/15 = None BB T28. JDM = of course.

Here is a list of Nissan dealers to backup the part number for t28.


Dandenong VIC 3175

ph: (03) 9797 4111 Motor Replacement Parts


260- 260 Frankston Rd Dandenong VIC 3175

ph: (03) 9797 4111 Motor Replacement Parts


544 Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC 3000

ph: (03) 9347 4533 Motor Engineers & Repairers


2- 12 Clyde Rd Berwick VIC 3806

ph: (03) 9796 1777 Motor Engineers & Repairers


429- 443 Grimshaw St Bundoora VIC 3083

ph: (03) 9467 5888 Motor Engineers & Repairers


138 Whitehorse Rd Blackburn VIC 3130

ph: (03) 9894 2244 Motor Engineers & Repairers


350 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley VIC 3150

ph: (03) 9560 4711 Motor Engineers & Repairers

ATP:1198 Dandenong Rd Murrumbeena VIC 3163

ph: (03) 9569 4764 Turbochargers


Full Link here:


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