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1997 Honda Civic Cxi - $4,600

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Transmission : Manual
Kilometres : 230000
Price : $4,600
Condition : Used

hey all looking to sell or swap my daily, had it for a quite sometime now previous owner was my mates missus they bought the car when it had 180k's on the clock and bought the car off them as they needed a bigger car as they were having a baby on the way, car is in excellent condition mostly highway k's,little ding or 2 but hardly noticeable serviced regularly and car made it to Melbourne twice with no troubles!

perfect for P platers or daily driver or someone looking to learn how to drive manual!





1997 Honda civic EK hatch






230,000km's (honda's can last forever!)


interior & exterior is still in good condition


unknown exhaust 2.5"


Superlow king springs


L.E.D crystal clear lights



car comes with afew extra stock parts, suspension and tail lights etc



car has heaps of potential and hasnt reached it yet, car is sitting pretty flushed can put back on the stock springs if needed to be


looking for a sale or straight swap, more keen on turbo cars as i miss having one and also driving one, S13 or R32 or a CBR250RR FB




will upload some photos tomorrow.



pm me for my number, dont know how to change the settings on hardtuned







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