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DIY Guide to Polishing Metal

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Lets get started!



So here is some typical Intercooler piping. Looks like ass doesn't it? Water marks, no sheen, no shine... Pretty ugly. This COULD be any metal - rims, exhaust, pipes, intake, whatever...


Enter our troopers! Both these are available at your local Autobarn, and will set you back roughly $35.00 for the two.



Brite Shine. This shit is excellent for cleaning all surfaces, it does offer some kid of polish - but it's just not enough for my tastes.... so...



PURPLE!! Purple polish will give it that sheen and shine that we need.. it's f**king fantastic.




Tear some of the Brite Shine material out of the tin and apply it to the surface.



Be thorough and remove as much of the gunk and shit that you can.




This is normal. Look at all that shit on the material!




Surface will look kinda like this. The polish needs to be buffed. Give it a quick buff with some terry cloth.



Now apply some Purple to some terry cloth. Be reasonably generous. Rub it in till you see some reflection coming through the hue - once you get that effect... simply get another terry cloth (clean) and buff it out!




And of course, I'm sure you want to see the results? Well... they speak for themselves.









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cant see any pics.


That's because the original post is nearly 3 years old... But you're right, as an article it really should be sorted.

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need pics



The post is too short. You must have at least 10 character(s) before you can go on and post it.

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