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i want a silvia

How to remove the spoiler on your S13 Silvia!

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Removing the Spoiler on your Silvia!

By Peter Uther


You will need

  • a small shifter (spanner)
  • a philips head screwdriver
  • a flathead screwdriver
  • a clean damp cloth
  • some tape to match the colour of your car
  • blu-tac, or other double sided adhesive
  • and someone else to hold the spoiler for a couple of minutes whilst you are taking it off

I'd recommend you do this undercover in case it starts raining, which you obviously don't want.


1. Open the boot. On the inside of the bootlid should be some carpet, held in place by these big grey buttons. DON'T just rip the carpet off as I initially did, but what you do (as I later learned) is get a small flathead screwdriver. Now these grey button thingys will have a tiny little slot on them. Stick a flathead that fits in there, and open them up. It will release their clever little mechanism. Do that to all of them, and take the carpet off.


2. There should be four spoiler nuts on the inside of the bootlid (well there was on my SR, I believe the CA ones could be different) - two on each side. Take the nuts off with the shifter. Now ease your spoiler off. There will probably be big marks/discolouration where it has been sitting all those years. Stress less though, we'll take care of that later. There will be some wiring on the left side of the spoiler which goes through the bootlid and up into the spoiler.


3. Here's where you need your friend. Get him/her to hold the spoiler, whilst you use the philips head screwdriver to unscrew the light from the spoiler. Be careful not to lose the screws, or anything else for that matter. Now carefully ease the light out from the spoiler. A length of wire which comes all the way from the bootlid will still be connected. With your friend still holding the spoiler, unclip the wires (should be a convenient clipped connection somewhere along its length) and finally pull the light out of the spoiler, and put the now removed spoiler on the ground. The hard part is over!

4. Now to rewire the light back up to the parcel shelf. You need to put a light up there (it's the law I think) if you don't have one on a spoiler. Using your razor blade, cut the cable ties which hold the black and red light wires on the boot and left boot hinge. Now, in the back left corner of the boot is a hole which feeds the seat belt up into the cabin. There is ample room to stick a wire up there into the cabin too, so feed it up there. Jump in the back with the disconnected light and blu tac it to the parcel shelf. Now the parcel shelf is carpet so it won't stick on there. The way I solved this was to stick it on the plastic A/C vents which run along close to the rear window.


5. Connect up your light to the cable coming from the boot. Turn your car on and get your friend to press the brake. It should work.


6. Get your damp cloth and clean where the spoiler had been sitting on the boot. Now cut the tape into little circles and put it over the holes. Also put tape on the inside of the bootlid. Now it won't leak. This however, is a temporary measure, and by no means a permanent one. I recommend you either get some rubber grommets from a hardware store, or get the holes professionally welded and painted (prices vary, do a search).


7. Reattach the carpet by simply 'clicking' the buttons back in their respective holes.


Now, everything should be finished. The parcel shelf light install may look a bit tacky (excuse the pun) with the wire running along it, but thats up to you to fix with a custom housing or whatever. I'm trying to think of how I could do this currently, and I'll let you know how I go.



The author accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, or injury occurred.

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